Battalion Chit Policy Power Point

By: MIDN 1/C Brue
All personnel shall attend all battalion functions that their
attendance is required. Failure to do such without prior
approval will result in an unauthorized absence (UA).
Permission to not attend evolutions may be approved by
the appropriate parties via a special request chit. Special
request chits shall be submitted three business days in
advance to first appropriate billet holder in the chain of
command (i.e. if personnel were to request permission to
miss battalion physical training on Monday morning, the
chit would be due to their first level of chain of command
close of business Tuesday). Chits can be submitted within
the three business day window but there is no guarantee a
chit will be approved in time. Unless your chain of
command informs you that your chit has been approved,
you are required to attend all appropriate events.
Except when under orders, student personnel
shall not travel (either via POV or commercial air)
farther than 300 driving miles from the Tempe
campus without approved leave. All personnel
requesting to depart the Tempe campus area shall
request permission via a travel request chit.
Travel request chits shall be submitted to the first
appropriate billet holder in the chain of command
at least three business days prior to departure
date. OCONUS travel requests shall be submitted
30 days prior to departure.
To determine if a travel chit is required, use
Google Maps and measure the distance from
Social Sciences Building (951 S. Cady Mall,
Tempe, AZ 85281).
In the event that sickness or injury occurs that will
restrict a person’s ability to attend battalion
functions a medical chit is required to
authenticate the situation. Included in the
submitted medical chit will be a doctor’s note
with their findings and signature. Medical chits
shall be submitted with 24 hours of the event
Block 1: Your Name (Last, First)
Block 2: Your rank
Block 3: Leave Blank
Block 4: Arizona State
University NROTC
Block 5: The date of
when you write your
chit. (DDMMMYY
Block 6: Your spot in the battalion.
Enter it in Company, Platoon,
Squad format. Battalion Staff will
enter “Battalion Staff”.
Block 7: Leave Blank
Block 8: You will check the box that corresponds to the type of chit you
are submitting.
• Academic Chit: Other
• Travel Chit: Travel
• Medical Chit: Other
Block 9: Enter the number of
days you will be gone.
Blocks 10 & 11: Date and time of the time period you are
requesting off. For travel chits you will enter the time and
dates of when you are planning on leaving. For medical chits
you will enter the time period of which your doctor’s note
says you are excused from battalion activities.
Blocks 12 & 13: Only applicable for travel chits, otherwise leave blank.
Enter the distance you are traveling as well as your mode of travel.
Block 14: Only applicable for
travel chits, otherwise leave
blank. Enter the address of where
you will be staying.
Block 15: Enter your phone
number in the above format.
Block 16: Here you will explain the nature of your chit. All chits will begin
with “Respectfully request” and will completely describe the situation. Your
chain of command should not have any questions after reading this box.
Block 17: Here you will sign your name.
Blocks 18 & 19: If you hold a billet position (Squad Leader and up), this is the
name of the individual that is responsible for your duties while you are gone.
Block 18 you will enter their name. Block 19 you will leave blank.
Blocks 20 and 21: Filled out by you recommending staff member (i.e. the
first person in your chain of command that approves/denies your chit). The
recommending staff member will then put one asterisk (*) in Block 24 and
leave their comments. The approving staff member will not approve a chit
if there are not comments left by the recommending staff member.
Blocks 22 & 23: Filled out by the approving staff member. If the approving
staff member denies the chit they will then put two asterisks (**) in Block
24 and leave their comments for why they disapproved the chit.
Block 24: The comments left by the recommending and approving staff
Your chain of
Your role in
the battalion
I = Informed. No
comments required,
simply notified by their
squad member
submitting chit.
R = Recommendation.
Comments required,
gives recommendation
to the approving staff
A = Approval. Has
ultimate decision on
approval or rejection of
Reference MIDN Brue’s ppt and fill out the
chit correctly and with sufficient information.
Reference the appropriate routing matrix and
submit your chit to the appropriate staff
Approving staff member will notify you as
soon as your chit is approved or denied.
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