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is organized under auspices of International Commission on Yeasts (ICY)
Yeast Fermentation: from Genes to
Application Aspects
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9th – 12th October 2014
organized by:
Lund University, Sweden
Cornucopia is a Marie Curie Initial
Training Network that started in
February 2011, funded by the European
Commision 7:th
Framework Programme
(FP7). Cornucopia is coordinated by
Lund University (Sweden)
ISSY 31 F o c u s :
Yeast fermentations:
diversity, genes, enzymes,
regulatory networks, evolution
and applied aspects
V en u e,_Slovenia
Lanthieri Palace
has been recently renovated for 4 mill euro
(through the EU and municipality funds)
Vipava, Vipava Valley, Slovenia
How to reach us?
The closest larger airports: preferably Venice
and Ljubljana (Slovenia), then train or bus or shuttle to
Gorizia/Nova Gorica/Vipava,
also Trieste (Ryanair) and Treviso (Wizzair) airports are
Accomodation: Nova Gorica hotels (shuttle bus to Vipava, app. 25
Venue: Vipava Lanthieri Palace
Hotel Perla and Hotel Park in Nova Gorica
Accomodation in 4 stars hotel: app. 68
euro/single room / night
Dead-line for booking: late June 2014
Some of the confirmed
A. Goffeau (B)
C. Abbas (US)
J. Thevelein (B)
J. Nielsen (SE)
V. Passoth (SE)
S. Dequin (F)
S. Pretorius (AUS)
T. Boekhout (NL)
C. Compagno (I)
A. Querol (SP)
Wen-Hsiung Li (US/Taiwan)
Preliminary program 1
We start on 9th October 2014 at 5 pm with a couple of key-note
lectures and followed by a get together event (the venue will likley be in
Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica).
Then we have three intensive days, 10th – 12th, from 9 am to 7 pm:
9 am – noon: lectures
2 – 4 pm: poster sessions
4 – 7 pm: lectures
Lectures will be between 10 minutes (we will try to get as many young investigators to
give a short talk as possible) to 45 minute,
The official part will be closed on 12th October evening with a wine
tasting event (at Lanthieri).
Preliminary program 2
Each of the three days will have one main topic:
Carbon metabolism and yeast biodiversity, model organisms and
Gene expression and regulatory networks
Applied topics (wine and beer fermentations, heterologus
production, biofuels)
Preliminary program 3
Food aspects:
on 9th October evening there will be a banquet (included in
the registration fee);
for lunch and dinner: there are plenty of small restaurants
around (walking distance of 50 – 500 m), an average lunch
cost is app. 6-7 euro (participants select and pay
on 12th October evening there will be wine tasting and
dinner at the Lanthieri Palace (included in the registration
Dead-line for registrations and abstracts will
likely be late June 2014
The meeting has an upper limit of 200
Sightseeing: Postojna Cave
one of the most famous underground caves
Sightseeing: Piran
a pearl on the Adriatic coast
Just after the official part, on 13th October
2014, we will organize an optional whole day
trip to the Postojna cave and Piran,
alternatively also Ljubljana , Gorizia and
Trieste (depending on your interest)
Registration fee
Registration fee will cover:
bus shuttle, Venice/Ljubljana airport – Vipava Valley and
daily bus shuttle, Nova Gorica – Vipava;
9th and 12th October evening events (including food and
Coffee/tea breaks;
The estimated fee is app. 300 euro but will be finalized in
the autumn of 2013
Program Organizers
J. Piskur and his LU group
EU Cornucopia consortium
UNG (Wine Research Centre)
”local” (Alpe-Adria) yeast community
Secretaries: Dr. Birgitte Munch-Petersen
and Dr. Lorena Butinar
under auspices of International Commission on Yeasts (ICY)
Yeast Fermentation: from Genes to Application
9th – 12th October 2014
Vipava, Slovenia (,_Slovenia )
organized by:
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