Student Volunteers Call for Applications - Siggraph 2013

A branch of the Association of Computing Machinery
Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive
Annual week-long conference sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH
The world’s LARGEST conference on computer graphics and
interactive techniques! (i.e. Vancouver (2011): 15,872 attendees)
SIGGRAPH Highlights
Emerging Technologies
Art Gallery
Computer Animation Festival
Real-Time Live
Courses, Papers, & Panels
It’s a place where
communities of art,
academics, and industry
Conference 21-25 July 2013
Exhibition 23-25 July 2013
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA (40 minutes from Downtown LA)
The Student Volunteer Program
SIGGRAPH is run entirely by
volunteers -- people just like
Participate in an integral part of
the conference community and
experience the conference firsthand!
Support the conference while
learning from others!
Network with fellow students
who are inspired by the
Enjoy some great perks, too!
Wear a fantastic red vest!
Eligibility & Volunteer Responsibilities
Must be 18 years of age or older
(on or before 20 July 2013).
Must be high school, undergraduate, or
graduate student enrolled full-time for at
least one semester during the 20122013 academic year
(Summer 2012-Spring 2013).
Serve the Conference
Commit 18 or 25 hours (approximately) of
volunteer service to the conference.
(Specify hours on your application.)
Attend Mandatory Orientation
Arrive in Anaheim by the morning of 20 July
2013 to attend orientation for all new and
returning Student Volunteers.
Eligibility & Volunteer Responsibilities
Attend SIGGRAPH & Meet Your Hour
21-25 July 2013, departing the convention
center no earlier than 6 p.m. on 25 July
Be ON TIME for all assigned shifts
Arrive at the Student Volunteer Office at least
30 minutes prior to your scheduled shift
Examples of shifts:
Monitoring doors
Checking badges
Facilitating spoken-language
Assisting conference contributors at
various venues
SIGGRAPH 2013 Full
Conference Registration
Enjoy the sights and sounds of
the conference while you are offshift!
Student Volunteer Special
Hear professionals speak about
tips, tricks, and job opportunities
at “SV-only” sessions at
Resume and Reel Review
Get professional feedback to help
you land your dream job! Made
possible by the SIGGRAPH
Student Services Committee (S3).
Meet students from all over the world
who share your passion for computer
Other Surprises
From special guests to unexpected
surprises, we are always up to
something fun for our Student
25-Hour Student Volunteer Perks
- Eligible to apply for Travel and
Housing Assistance
- May also be eligible for special
incentives not available to 18-hour
Student Volunteer Application - Due 5 FEB 13
Contact Information & Picture
Faculty/Personal Reference
Proof of Student Status (ID,
Apply for Travel Assistance and
Housing Awards (only available to 25hour applicants; limited funds)
Essay questions
What interests you about
SIGGRAPH in particular, and why
would you be a good fit for our team
this year?
Tell us about a time when you
interacted with individuals from a
different cultural background and
what you learned from the
Team Leader Application - Due 8 JAN 2013
Lead groups of SVs at conference programs!
Available to students who have served as a
Student Volunteer at a past SIGGRAPH.
Additional Essay questions
What experience and personal qualities do
you offer that make you a strong Team
Leader candidate?
In the future, how do you see yourself as a
leader in SIGGRAPH, in the field of computer
graphics, or in other areas of your career and
life? How would being a Team Leader help
you become a more well-rounded leader?
(Optional) In a video no more than ONE minute in
length, tell us a little bit about yourself and explain
why YOU want to be a SIGGRAPH Team Leader
for SIGGRAPH 2013.
NOTE: If you are not selected as a TL, then
you will still be considered for a SV position.
Important Dates & How To Apply
• 8 January 2013: Team Leader Applications Due, 22:00 UTC/GMT
Only open to students who have previously served as Student Volunteers.
• 5 February 2013: Student Volunteer Application Deadline, 22:00 UTC/GMT
• 30 April 2013: Application Results Sent
Apply online at:
For more information, visit:
How Do I Stand Out?
Get involved in your local or student SIGGRAPH chapter.
Look for opportunities to be a positive impact in your community.
Leadership experience and/or customer service experience a plus!
Start your application early and spend time on your essays!
SIGGRAPH Submission Deadlines