Impressionism Project

By: Capri Pimental
• It is a 19th- century art movement. It was influenced by Paris-based
• The name of this style is inspired by Claude Monet’s art piece named
Impressionism, soleil levant. This translates to Impressionism, Sunrise.
• This art style requires small, thin, yet visible brush strokes.
Starry Night
• Impressionism in the visual arts was soon followed by
Impressionist music and Impressionist literature.
• Some famous Impressionist were: Claude Monet,
Camille Pissarro, Mary Cassatt, Alfred Sisley, and
Berthe Morisot. There were many others.
Pacific Blues
Impact of Impressionism
• It set new to standards to how other artists viewed nature
and how they would depict it.
• Many were excited by the change in style/genre.
• It gave artists a wide variety of how to paint and what
techniques they could use.
• It gave artists and admirers new ways to look at art in
general. How every artist has their own way of bringing life
in to their work.
The Avenue
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand
Beach Children