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Art Week1 (Lesson1)

Sunrise by Claude Monet
Impressionism is an art movement that
originated in France in 1860s. It centered on a
group of artists who were labeled as
impressionists. The name of the movement was
coined by critics from a painting by Claude
Monet entitled Impression: Soleil Levant.
The impressionist were concerned with
representing the everyday experience in an
object and realistic manner. They tried to
capture the immediate impressions of an
object, varying styles and experimenting on the
effects of light.
Water Lilies by Claude Monet
Post-Impressionism is a term coined to
describe the works of artists in the late 19th
century who rejected impressionism.
The post-impressionist artists continued using
vivid colors, often thick application of paint, and
the use of real-life subjects. However, they
were more inclined to emphasize geometric or
distorted forms for expressive effects.
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande
by Georges Seurat