Introduction to ICSA for the
National Union of Company Secretaries
Simon Osborne FCIS,
Chief Executive, ICSA
December 2014
Who we are
• The international qualifying body for chartered secretaries.
• A respected global authority on governance and compliance.
• An active professional community committed to high standards.
What we do
• Qualify chartered secretaries and train other governance, risk and
compliance professionals.
• Support our members and students.
• Promote good governance practice across all sectors.
• Shape the corporate governance agenda.
Mission and values
Our mission
To champion good governance and develop the value, skills and
effectiveness of company secretaries and governance professionals in all
Our guiding values:
• Openness: we are open, accessible and honest
• Integrity: we are impartial, independent and informed
• Authority: we speak for our profession with experience and expertise.
Global membership 2013/14
UKRIAT membership 2013/14
Other services
• Authoritative publications and technical guidance.
• Briefings, seminars, regional and national conferences.
• Continuous professional development and networking events.
• Professional training, in class, online and in-house.
• Research and advice.
• Board evaluation and development services.
• Market-leading entity management and board portal software.
Thought leadership
What is a chartered secretary?
• Trained in law, finance, strategy, governance & company secretarial
• Qualified to be company secretaries of publicly quoted & private
companies, public authorities, charities and not for profit bodies.
• Trained to assist with changing business requirements such as updates
to governance and regulatory regimes.
• Equipped for a wide range of governance, legal and finance roles.
• Able to work with early career exposure to the board.
How to qualify
Successfully complete CSQS and gain 6 years relevant work experience.
• 8 x modules open access qualifying scheme, with many different
• flexible study methods which include distance & online learning.
• exemptions for prior qualifications in law, accountancy or business.
• fast track options for lawyers and accountants working in relevant roles
for 5+ years.
Qualifications and training
Core qualifications
• Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme (CSQS)
• Certificate in International Finance and Administration (IFA)
Specialist qualifications
• Company Secretarial Practice
• Employee Share Schemes
Short courses
• On governance, law, company secretarial practice, compliance, risk
and personal effectiveness
Online training
• 12 courses and growing across 2015
Bespoke training
• In-house options according to organisational needs.
Online training courses
Automatic Enrolment: A Guide for Professionals
Anti-Money Laundering
Communicating Complex Ideas
Corporate Governance
Data Protection
Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisition
Finance: The Basics
Financial Briefing: Assessing Going Concern
Professionalism and Ethics
Negotiation Skills
Risk Management
Strategic Financial Management
How can I join ICSA?
• Become a Chartered Secretary
Many different pathways through CSQS are available, depending upon
your current qualifications and experience.
• Join us as an Affiliate
Affiliateship gives you access to our resources, expertise and
supportive professional community.
Connect with us
[email protected]
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presentation at
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What is a chartered secretary?