our neighborhood
Our story:
Radiance has served the district for 4 years
We wanted to create a center to meet with our friends and
Applying for community assembly - to increase our range of offerings
◦ More services for the neighborhood
◦ Increased security
◦ Attendee traffic that supports local business
◦ Seismic renovation of our historical building
What do our neighbors want and value?
A little history
The building you are in was:
◦ The Makins Produce Company
◦ “Goods from the Orient”
More history
The building you are in was:
◦ American French Fries
◦ Mass produced and shipped
Still more history
The building you are in was:
◦ An important underground punk venue
Recent history
The building you are in was:
◦ Various live work situations…
◦ Attempted grow house
◦ An impolite Miami-style underground nightclub
◦ A legal Live/Work since 2010
◦ Extensive renovations
◦ Mission to support community
◦ and JLD
Our local community
Jack London District is a unique combination of residential, office,
warehouse, industrial, and other emerging areas.
Currently no other “just for community” resource in the district
◦ Existing or planned
◦ Big development and Oakland.gov generally favor more residential
◦ Brooklyn Basin, JLS high rises, Cost Plus multiunit planned or in progress.
◦ Quality of life for those who live here?
◦ Radiance seeks to build community and lasting relationships between
◦ Increased value, prosperity, safety
Radiance Community Center
- a vital role in enriching JLD
• Provide a safe, inspiring, and well-maintained community place
• Strengthen neighborhood connections
• Help create a safe environment
• Support an amazing and warm historical building
Radiance vision and offerings
The uses we’ve become known for:
◦ Warm social gatherings
◦ Community holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving, Passover Seder, Xmas
◦ Community enrichment events like
clothing swaps, holiday art bazaar
memorials, weddings, karaoke, potluck
charitable fundraising
and many more
More Radiance offerings
Support for community in Jack London District
◦ Drop in meet ups
◦ Open hours for laptop work
◦ Support and advocacy for political awareness and concerns
◦ Citizens Crime Prevention meetings
“We believe that people grow and society is enriched by
community works”
Art Shows
Community Dinners
Passover Seder and other holidays
JLDA Trash Bash
Community celebrations
Supporting local art
Where we can go
Positive benefits for the District
We can help instill a sense of involvement and belonging in
this neighborhood
Provide opportunities for social growth while having fun
How we will achieve
Ownership of our building by community members
An experienced and committed team will convert Radiance for
◦ some community members will continue to reside and caretake
Membership-based core community with an open door policy
Non-profit operation by the Radiance Oak 501c3
Community values remain a priority:
◦ Integrity • Civility • Volunteerism • Inclusiveness • Trust
What we do for JLD
Radiance has and will support a wide range of local uses including:
◦ Board meetings
◦ JLDA, EBB, local HOA
◦ Calendar gatherings - Helios Midsummer art celebration, Halloween,
Christmas, New Years
◦ Community holiday celebrations - Thanksgiving, Passover Seder
◦ Charitable benefits for local groups
◦ Wedding receptions, birthday gatherings, memorials, etc. for neighbors and
community members
More for JLD
◦ Support local artists with gallery and work space
◦ Annual UC Berkeley Student Art show
◦ Other shows, often in conjunction with First Friday or National Night Out
◦ Annual Trash Bash community trash pickup
◦ Small scale performance by local artists
◦ Space available for non-profit use by neighbors on an as-needed basis
◦ Open Men’s Group via Meetup
◦ Self-defense training
For the greater good
Fundraising and benefits for
◦ Oakland public schools
◦ UC Berkeley Arts
◦ Belly Dancer of the Year Gala - supports local young women
◦ A/V apprenticeship program for local youth
◦ Local performing artists
◦ And many others
Some planned activities
Burning Man 2015 Temple planning
Broadway underpass renovation
First Friday gallery shows
Community leadership training
Self-defense courses
Yoga and meditation
Inter-community council
Other neighborhood benefits
Our members support local businesses
2015 JLD neighborhood Christmas party
Local disaster shelter
Sidewalk lights
Street security during our gatherings
Contact us
The Radiance Community - radianceoak.org
◦ Website links to our mailing list
◦ Facebook page for Radiance Oak
◦ Email info@radianceoak.org