Sodexo Distance Dietetic Internship Virtual
Open House
Barbara Woodland, EdD, RD, LD
National Director, Sodexo Dietetic Internships
Sharon Schwartz, MS, RD, LDN
Dietetic Internship Director, Sodexo Distance Education Dietetic Internship
Phyll Ribakoff, RD, LDN
Associate Director, Sodexo Distance Education Dietetic Internship
Robert Zurfluh, RDN
Associate Director Sodexo, Allentown and Sodexo Distance
Elissa Goldman, MS
Dietetic Intern, Sodexo Distance Class of 2015
About Sodexo
Quick Facts
■ Founded in France in 1966 by
Pierre Bellon
■ 421,000 employees worldwide in
over 34,000 accounts
■ Focused on Diversity and Inclusion
Sustainablilty, and Combatting Hunger
■ #1 Private Employer of Registered Dietitians in North America
Sodexo Dietetic Internships
1. Sodexo Distance Dietetic
5 Internships
graduating over 2. Sodexo NY / Philadelphia
100 interns
Dietetic Internship
3. Sodexo Allentown, PA Dietetic
4. Sodexo Mid-Atlantic Dietetic
5. Sodexo Dietetic Internship
Southcoast Health System, MA
Sodexo Internship Open Houses
Allentown Program  December 19th, 2014 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Sodexo Allentown Office- 6081 Hamilton Blvd, Allentown, PA
RSVP: [email protected]
New Jersey/Philadelphia  January 8th, 2015 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Aria Health, Torresdale Campus, Philadelphia, PA
RSVP: [email protected]
Mid-Atlantic Metro Area  January 4th, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hebrew Home, Rockville, MD
RSVP: [email protected]
Southcoast  January 14th, 2015 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
St. Luke’s Hospital, New Bedford, MA
RSVP: [email protected]
New York Metro January 6th, 2015 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Jamaica Medical Center, Queens, NY
RSVP: [email protected]
Sodexo Internships = Many Opportunities
Overview of our current program
Our Internships – at a Glance (Fall 2015 start)
DI Masters Option –
requesting ACEND
Senior Living and Culinary –
requesting ACEND approval
Proposed Changes for Fall 2015 Start
(pending approval by ACEND)
 Geographic locations
 Introduces 2 new
concentrations and
more flexibility
 Provides a new option
to combine the Dietetic
Internship with an
on-line accelerated
Masters degree option
Proposed Changes for Fall 2015 Start
(pending approval by ACEND)
Core Curriculum
= 1016 hours
232 hours
Total Supervised Practice = 1248 hours
Core Curriculum
Senior Living
How will these pending changes affect me?
Possible additional options after the match
Apply to our programs as if there are
no proposed changes
 Pick your internship(s) of interest and choose one or more
e.g. for Allentown, pick MNT and/or Diabetes
for NY/Philly, pick MNT and/or Pediatrics
for Mid-Atlantic, pick MNT and/or Wellness, etc.
 In April, we will be able to offer you additional concentrations,
and you could switch. Plus we will be able to offer you a spot
in our combined DI/Masters program
(approval and availability pending)
Sodexo Distance
• Full time or part time option
• Interns are placed in Sodexo - affiliated facilities across the
United States for clinical and management rotations
• 44 - 50 interns each year accepted
• Leadership Concentration and International Experience option
• Community building orientation
week in New Hampshire before
starting rotations
• Two Start Dates: September &
Benefits of Sodexo Distance DI
Flexible: You choose whether you want to complete the
internship full-time or part-time
Self-Directed: You plan your elective, community, longterm care, and clinical specialty sites based on your
A bit more about the Individual Elective Rotation: You are
given 200 hours to choose a rotation of interest. If you are
passionate about geriatrics you may consider spending
those 200 hours at your long term care site.
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Independent Elective
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A VERY Unique Emphasis: Leadership
• The Leadership Concentration is a good fit for those interested in
developing their leadership skills and preparing for leadership positions in
the future
• Internship is self-directed in nature and interns plan and execute their
individualized learning experiences
• Practice leadership skills during management and clinical staff relief
• Management of projects including needs assessments, development,
implementation, and evaluation
• Development of facilitation skills with peers and interdisciplinary teams
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Distinguishing THIS distance Program
Our interns are required to complete their clinical and their food
service management rotations at Sodexo-managed accounts.
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Expenses Distance DI
• Tuition: $10,000
• Other expenses may include
Lab coat, Reference Books,
Living & Transportation expenses,
Medical Expenses/Benefits,
Criminal Background Check,
• Class Week:
• Orientation: $700
Why Choose a Sodexo Dietetic Internship?
• RD Exam First Time Pass Rate >/= 80%
• RD Exam Preparation
• Sodexo RD Exam Review Website
• Countless study guides and thousands
of test questions
• Many preceptors and class teachers
have advanced degrees and
specialty certifications
• Many interns are hired by Sodexo after
completing their internship
Application Process
• Dietetic Internship Centralized Internship Application (DICAS)
• DICAS Fees:
$40 for the first application submitted, and
$20 for each additional application
• Applicants must also register online with D&D Digital at for computer matching and to select
dietetic internship priority choices
• Computer matching fee: $50
Application Process
Personal Statement: Complete a personal statement in 1,000 words or
less following guidelines on DICAS
Transcripts: Official Transcripts from all colleges and universities
attended should be sent to: DICAS - Transcript Dept.
Verification Statement: Submitted to DICAS by your DPD program
Recommendations: Please note: If you are applying to more than one
internship program, you will need to use the same individuals as
references for each application.
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Supplemental Materials for Sodexo Distance
• In addition to the standard personal statement above, we
would like you to answer 3 essay questions
• Upload to the supplemental materials section of DICAS
• Remember to Include the link to your online portfolio either at
the top or bottom of the page so we can access it easily
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PORTFOLIO – Another way to showcase your
s t r e n g t h s to the selection committee
• The portfolio is a required part of the application process
• Be creative, but remember this is a professional internship
• Put the link and any instructions (ie passwords) on the Application
Cover Sheet, >>> and <<< add the link to the supplemental
materials on DICAS just above or below your answers to the
essay questions.
• Free sites include:,,, and
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- we value self direction.
- work experience- can be paid or volunteer
- grades: total gpa, science gpa, and dpd
gpa are all evaluated
- portfolio: this is an extremely important
part of your application. it is your
chance to be creative and showcase
more of your strengths and what
makes you unique
- interview: we will email you an
invite to an interview. you will
not be quizzed on nutrition
related material.
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Computer matching
• This program participates in computer matching.
• Remember to register online for computer matching through D&D Digital and
select dietetic internship priority choices by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on
February 15 for the April match and September 25 for the November match.
There is a $50.00 computer matching fee paid to D&D Digital.
• Our matching code is 237 for the April match
• Our matching code is 580 for the September match.
On the cover sheet, indicate your preferred geographic locations and rank in
order of your preference. Those applying for Hawaii slots, use the codes above
and indicate your preference for Hawaii.
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To send to Dietietic Internship Director
• In addition to the materials required by DICAS, we require that a cover sheet and
application fee be sent directly to the internship.
• These materials must be postmarked by February 15, 2014 for the April match and
September 25, 2014 for the November match. Please send to: Sodexo Distance
Education Dietetic Internship, 133 Hooper Hill Road
New Boston, NH 03070
Internship Application Cover Sheet: Click here to download the cover sheet. This will
tell us who you are and where you would like to be placed (include your preferred
geographic location(s) on the supplemental materials sheet as well).
Internship Application Fee:
In addition to the DICAS and D&D Digital application fees, we require an application
fee, made out to SODEXO and sent with the cover sheet to the address above..
The application fee is $50.
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Sodexo Distance Education Class of 2015 at Orientation
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