Business Training Sept 2013

Team WildFire
Leadership Training
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September Specials
Announcements with Ileana
Upcoming Events
Announcements with Ileana
• Weekly: Peggy’s Monday Night Team Business Training Calls
• Sunday, October 13th, 8:00pm Getting Started Virtual Class
• Tentative October Virtual Classes
• Tues 10/8, 8pm – Intro to Essential Oils
• Tues 10/15, 8pm – Continuing Ed Class TBD
• Tues 10/22, 8pm – Continuing Ed Class TBD
• Thurs 10/24, 8pm – Intermediate Business Training (new topic)
• Sun 10/27, 8pm – Intro to Essential Oils
• Tues 10/29, 8pm – Spanish Class TBD
Over 30 members from
Team WildFire will be
attending doTERRA’s 2013
Convention in October!
Stuck Home? Now you can
join us too! Plan a
Convention Party!
How to go
Silver in 6 Months!
Jenny Rembold
Fast Track Planner
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
Fast Track Planner
• Prepare, Build, Duplicate
• Goals
• Upline Accountability Person
Get Educated
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
Training and Support
• Team business meetings local/virtual
• Peggy’s Monday Night Call – Bonus: Team Support
• Webinars
• doTERRA University
• Books
• Industry Magazines
• doTERRA Living
• doTERRA Leadership
• Facebook doTERRA Team Support Groups
Internet / Social Networking
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
Website / Facebook Pages
• Create your website
• Create a Facebook Business Page – (look for extended training coming soon!)
• Use Personal Facebook and Business Facebook for Networking
• Talk to everyone, share stores, offer help
• Friend request anyone new you talk to doTERRA about
• Also consider Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
*Remember to read doTERRA Policy Manual for compliance requirements
for sites and pages
Classes and Hosts
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
• Enrollment incentives
• Raffles / Gifts for bringing a friend
• Attendance incentives for hosts (even current IPCs)
• Those who cant attend: offer host benefits, virtual class, one-on-one
• Utilize Virtual Classes and Local Public Classes
• Offer incentives to ‘inactive’ IPC’s
• Incentives for hosts
• Coach on inviting and follow up
• Great way to meet new people
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
• Use tips from Getting Started Business Training!
• Talk to Everyone
• Always have Samples
• Share Stories on Facebook
• Facts Tell, Stories Sell
• Branch beyond your network of friends
Structuring Team
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
• **Power of 3**
• Find your 3, then help them find their 3, etc
• Best way to get people extra money consistently
• Family member/BFF as leg
• Goal setting with upline can help with advice
Structuring Team
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
• Building Down – **only under those committed to LRO
• Enroller: Person who enrolled IPC – Fast Track, Power of 3, Unilevel
• Sponsor: Person who enroller places IPC under – Power of 3, Unilevel
Enroller: Suzy
Sponsor: Jane
Mary is Suzy’s Level 4 – 5%
Mary is Jane’s Level 1 – 2%
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
• New enrollments – meet w/after kit received, review oils and LRO
• Relationships / Friendships
• Introduce yourself to every new person your team enrolls
• Keep in touch with active and inactive IPC’s, PMs, and Retail Customers
• Not everyone is on Facebook – pick up the phone / Email
• Constant communication with active business builders
• Meet with business builders monthly for goal setting
• Be positive with your team
• Be a model
• Recognition posts on Facebook
• When you feel down, go up, when you feel up, go down
Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate!
• Tell your team how your are succeeding, and teach them to do the same!
Follow Up
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up
• Contacts from classes,
events, contacts you’ve
shared samples with, etc.
• Most people don’t enroll the
first time you talk to them
about doTERRA
Silver in Six Months with Jenny Rembold
Never Give Up!
• Even after no-show classes
• Even after rejection
• Even after slower months
Check Amounts
• Paychecks grow as your team grows
We are business owners!!
• No boss to report to
• Make our own hours
• Work in our PJ’s
• Build our business the way we want
• We control our own success
Have the attitude that you will succeed no matter what!
Be Committed! Be Positive! Be Successful!
Closing Effectively
Kristy Hauck
Kristy Hauck
– Closing a 1-on-1
25% discount
FREE product credits
FREE oils, discounts & sales
$150.00 Retail
(Includes Membership Fee,
FREE Slim & Sassy, & Audio CD)
Home Essentials Kit
- Get 3x the amount of oil for only $100 more!
- Best value
- Loyalty Reward Program start earning at 10%
Natural Solutions Kit
- Get 100 PV towards free oils!
- Loyalty Reward Program start earning at 15%
dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program
The most intelligent way to buy
Receive free product credits
Choose any products, anytime
Can cancel anytime
Minimum of 100 PV to receive compensation
Minimum of 50 PV to receive product credits
September Promotions
Every month there is a
NEW discounted product
you can receive!
Loyalty Reward Program FREE oil
of the month with 125pv order
shipped by the 15th.
September Promotions
Kristy Hauck
– Post-enrollment meeting
Oils overview
Personal Wellness Consult
Virtual Office/LRO
Compensation Plan overview
Invite to host a class
Closing tips from Kristy
Say Enroll, NOT Sign Up
Say Wholesale Member, NOT Independent Product Consultant
Do not use IPC Agreement (if only option, complete it for them)
Enrollment Incentive if they enroll at class only
Ask for the sale “Which enrollment kit best fits your needs” not “Do you
want to get a kit?”. And give them space to think
• Have them call spouse if needed so they get enrollment incentive
• Fill out the enrollment information for them online
Put in LRO products for them
Reminder for post enrollment follow up meeting
Set LRO for end of the next month
• Post Enrollment Meeting (Personal Wellness Consult
Make sure whole family is there
Review Oils, Virtual Ofc, LRO
Invite to host a class – Get their oils paid for!
Sharing doTERRA
with a Full Time Job
Christie Haack
Wife and Mother
Multimedia Designer
Sharing doTERRA with a Full Time Job
Sharing doTERRA with a Full Time Job
Time Management
Team & Family Support
Sharing doTERRA with a Full Time Job
3 Focus Areas: CONTACTS
30 min during lunch / 30 min after work / Evenings after 9pm
• Call people
• Plan classes and events
• Facebook
• Watch training videos
• Review my LRO and my team’s LROs
• Work on my Fast Track planner
• Make oil samples
Commit to: 1-3 classes every month
1 event every month
Sharing doTERRA with a Full Time Job
Set Limits
Dedicate a minimum amount of time
Set a limit for the maximum amount of time
Choose short bursts of time that are focused and effective
Analysis Paralysis
“Once this is done I’ll get started.”
“Once this happens I’ll feel ready.”
Sharing doTERRA with a Full Time Job
Support & Momentum
• Surround yourself with people who are successful, passionate
and motivated
• Stay active with doTERRA – do something every day, every week
• Make GOALS – short term and long term!
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