Monster Membership

Monster Membership Drive
Come & Try Days
• The BMX Australia National Sign on Days are held every year to
bring in new memberships.
• These events provide the chance for anyone in the community to
come and try the thrill and excitement of BMX racing free of charge.
• Unfortunately the dates provided yearly by BMX Australia fall on
the same time as our own BMX State Championships.
• BMX Sports Western Australia would like to introduce a Monster
Come and Try Day.
• BMX Sports WA are therefore proposing we put on our own “Come
and Try Day” at a date more suitable to our members and clubs.
One day, one location where all clubs can get together
and put on a great showcase of the sport.
The Plan
This is a great opportunity to market the sport of BMX as a group with benefits to all
Western Australian Clubs. As a whole we can provide a great day of information and fun
for all.
To enable this to happen we would need
One Track suitable to host the event
A date suitable to everyone involved
Marketing Strategies
Free coaching
Information areas (welcoming volunteers/forms to record names/phone numbers etc.)
Club tents
Sausage sizzle
Show bags
All clubs coming together and making the event a success
Advertising & Marketing
To ensure a great day there would need to be
Advertising and Marketing of the event.
• Placing of flyers/posters on local community notice boards
including local shopping centres,libraries, sporting venues.
• Contact local primary/high schools to place information in
the school newsletters.
• Signage/posters around clubs.
• Place information flyer at your club with
• Media Print advertising - Article & Photo in local
• Radio advertising
There will be no cost to the clubs with BMX Sports Western
Australia arranging all the media and promotional products
needed to advertise the event to all communities.
All that is required from the clubs
is a location, time,
volunteers and club spirit
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