Finger Lakes Community College Veteran Advocacy Council

Finger Lakes Community College
Veteran Advocacy Council
Board of Trustees Presentation
October 2, 2013
Sarah Whiffen, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Corinne Canough, Director, Educational Planning & Career Services
• Memorandum of Understanding signed between
Canandaigua VA & FLCC regarding the VITAL grant
– Allows for consultation and collaboration between
two entities to support veterans throughout the
college experience.
• Offered a multi-faceted training to faculty & staff
over the course of 2012-2013
– Over 20 veteran “advocates” were trained
– Each campus center has at least one advocate on staff
– Advocate “logo” designed for easy recognition
Programs & Services
• Conducted a session with student veterans to
determine how the VA could better support them
• Surveyed current student veterans for needs to
better guide our future efforts
• Coordinated a student veteran resume-building
workshop in collaboration with the Canandaigua
VA and Finger Lakes Works/Ontario County
Workforce Development
2013-2014 Happenings
• New Student Orientation had a dedicated orientation
leader (student) who worked with student veterans during
the program and discussed programs and services on
campus for support
• Veteran-focused College Studies Strategies course will be
run during the second mini-mester session of fall 2013
• Annual campus Veterans Day Celebration will occur on
• Continue to offer advocate training
• Update and enhance the FLCC veteran website
• Work with VITAL grant to continue service for students on
our campus two-three times per week
• Establish FLCC formally as “veteran friendly” status
Why “Veteran-Friendly”?
• Sites are often promoted through the military
to active members who will be discharged
• Military friendly is a common baseline that
allows students to understand what services
colleges have that support the veteran
• “Veteran Friendly” is defined in a way that
addresses both the institution’s and student’s
Veteran Advocacy Council Membership
David Andrews, VITAL Grant support
Corinne Canough, Educational Planning & Career
Patricia Quinlan-Clark, Faculty member
William Cunnane, student & president, veterans’
student club
Jennie Erdle, Student Life
Richard Gray, Financial Aid counselor & FLCC certifying
Andrea Parker, Project Success academic coach
Joshua Pollock, student
Heman Sweet, Faculty member & club advisor
Sarah Whiffen, AVP of Student Affairs