PowerPoint - Health PAC

Pre-Medical Interest Group
Pre Med Presidents
Hannah Taylor- hltaylor@ncsu.edu
Austin Flick- acflick2@ncsu.edu
Ally Ginn- arginn@ncsu.edu
Please contact us whenever you have questionsNOT Dr. Flick!
Health PAC drop off location
● Health PAC office moved to 238 Fox
● Dues AND all monetary donations can be
dropped off to Fox office!
● Don’t bring to Bostian
● Look out for updates about tangible
donation drop off location
● Complete the PHC Registration Form at:
● Once you have joined completed your registration form you can drop off your dues in the Health
PAC office or IG presidents
● Pre-Health Club Dues are $15/academic year (ie. Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 - regardless of when
you join - dues are accepted in the Health PAC office or at any club meeting to the club
presidents ONLY -- only pay once per academic year!
● Checks - made payable to NCSU Pre-Health Club (place name, interest group, "dues" and
student ID # on memo line)
Club Requirements
8 points each semester to be considered "active" club members - these points come from:
attending meetings
participating in service projects sponsored by Health PAC
attending events supported by Health PAC
opportunities announced on listserv or Health PAC website
social opportunities
Battered Women’s Shelter and INH (starting up in February)
$10 INH donation (cash or check made out to Pre Health Club with INH in memo line)
3 travel sized items for women (shampoo, deodorant, razors, etc)
Study Groups
- Ideas for Spring 2015 study groups?
Dinner & Bowling!
February 9th
Dinner: 6-7pm, Bowling: 7-9pm
*Double point opportunity*
● Extra sets available for sale
● $36 - Cash or Checks made to NCSU PHC
Boys and Girls Club
elementary school students:
◦ When? 3:45-5pm, Mon-Thurs
◦ Where? Washington B&G Club
Spencer Lacy,
sclacy@ncsu.edu, if interested.
Hearts with Haiti
• Volunteer/point opportunities at the Hearts with Haiti office (West Raleigh
Presbyterian off Horne St.)
–2 hours of volunteering at office = 1 point
–Volunteers complete administrative work, grant research & proposals,
letter writing and much more at the office!
• Sponsorship Program this semester!
–Child Sponsorship Campaign
–$360 sponsors one child for a
–$10 donation=one service point (UNLIMITED DONATIONS)
Contact Info: Katie Smith (klsmit12@ncsu.edu(klsmit12@ncsu.edu), Bryson
Shelton (bbshelto@ncsu.edu) , Ali-Reza Heydary (aaheydar@ncsu.edu)
Tammy Lynn Center
Provides educational, residential, therapeutic and respite care services
to children and adults with developmental disabilities.
—roup arts and craft activities with residents:
–Feb. 21st, March 21st and April 18th - 9:30-11 am
* Individual volunteer opportunities available.
Contact Emily Cox at ejcox2@ncsu.edu or Chase Thompson at
kcthomp3@ncsu.edu to sign up or if you have any questions
Pre-Health Club and NCSU Circle K International Collaboration
• The Pre-Health Club has established a formal relationship with CKI in
which both clubs will collaborate in both Service and Leadership.
• The Pre-Health Club students that become a dues paying member of
CKI will be allowed to accumulate points or hours in both CKI and PreHealth Club.
• Two new leadership positions!
• One in PHC and one in CKI
What is Circle K International?
Why join Circle K International?
• Great service opportunities both locally and around the world.
• Leadership positions at the club, district (state), and international
• Great connections and networking opportunities.
• Fun conferences and conventions.
• New friends from all over.
How to join
• Meetings every Tuesday in Cox 209 at 7:15 PM
• If you cannot make the meetings that is alright you can still become a
member and participate in all service opportunities etc…
• Dues: $35 covers you for the whole year
• If you go to District Events you receive 2/3 back via reimbursement
• Contact Information:
• ncsucirclek@gmail.com
• mbwalsh2@ncsu.edu
• The Pre-Health Club will begin its formal relationship with CKI by
raising money for the ELMINATE Project
• This project is help raise money to eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus
(MNT) around the world.
• The goal is to raise $110 million.
• $1.80 a vaccine
• A donation of $5 will be worth one point, can do as many donations
as you would like.
• Cash or Check made out to “Kiwanis International Foundation” and in the
memo put “The Eliminate Project”
Research PackTrack
Do you want hands on research experience?
Not sure how to get started?
Check out the Research PackTrack Student Organization
We invite all students to join!
Gain access to:
Networking and undergraduate research opportunities
K-12 outreach
An open form for the sciences
Service opportunities every month
Next Meeting
When: Feb. 9 at 6 pm
Where: Bostian 4704
Contact Jordan Taylor
for more info
Next Month’s Meeting
- February 23rd, 7pm - Bostian 3712
- Med School Student Panel!
- Students from:
Campbell, Duke, UNC, ECU
- One of the best meetings of the semester!
Don’t want to miss!
LEAD - UNC Pharm - Carla White
PREP - Campbell - Rodney Kipwell, Stephanie Knight,
Roya Naim, Sheena Murray
SEP and MED - UNC - Paula Borden and Claudis Polk
Future Doctors - ECU - Dr. Richard Ray