Pre-Health Clubs Meeting

September 18, 2012
Nicole Bolick
([email protected])
Jefferey Holoman
([email protected])
Eileen McAnarney
([email protected])
Clubs Website, Enrollment Form,
Points Requirements, & More
m?pageID=4901 - WEBSITE
m?pageID=4903 - MEETINGS
m?pageID=4902 - OFFICERS
m?pageID=4911 – REQUIREMENTS
m?pageID=4928 – SERVICE FORM
Enrollment Form
Pre-Health Club Dues are $15/academic year (ie. fall 2012 & spring 2013 - regardless of when you join dues are accepted year round at club meetings only if pay after Sept 30th)
- Checks - made payable to NCSU Pre-Health Club (place name and student ID # on memo line)
- Cash- must be placed in an envelope with your name, student ID and specialty club (pre-med, predent) on the front - you must provide exact change (we cannot make change) - If you do not have an
envelope - you can make one out of a sheet of paper - if paying by check - make sure name, Student ID
number and specialty group are marked on the memo line (envelope not needed for checks)
- Again Place in the envelope or list on the memo line the label "Pre-Health Club Dues", Name, Unity
ID Number and club you want to join - pre-med, etc but do not turn until in AFTER completing
enrollment form - again - you may turn in dues at any meeting OR by placing in the correct folder in the
hanging file folder marked DUES in the biology office –if paying before Sept 30th make sure to place in
the correct hanging file for the group you wish to join
- You may join at anytime during the year but you DO NOT start to accrue points UNTIL DUES ARE PAID
as you are not active in the system and dues again are for the academic year (ie. fall 2012s/pring 2013)
regardless of when you join
Points Requirements
• Club Requirements
To maintain "active status" - each semester, students are expected to
obtain a minumum of 4 points from either attending meetings or
participating in service activities through the club
• Meeting points and Interest Group meetings, which also includes MAPS/
Minority, and HOSA, as well as honor society meetings (AED,
DDS) (Students can attend and are ENCOURAGED to attend as many
meetings a semester as they wish)
• Points may also come from either from Service/Donation/Volunteer club
• Note a MAX of 1 service points can be obtained from an OUTSIDE
VOLUNTEER activity this includes church, community, hosptal, and other
campus type volunteer activities (3 hours= 1 point
• Print off the VOLUNTEER/SERVICE FORM from the website, have it signed
by a coordinator or supervisor at the event and then turn it in at your next
group meeting or in the hanging file in the bio office under “other”
• Boxes are available for pickup NOW in the Health PAC –
or can make your own
Each WELL FILLED box filled and returned with the $7
shipping fee is ALSO worth 3 PHC points for members of
any of the Pre-Health Clubs for fall points
If you would like to pack a box for a child please stop by
the Health PAC office in 2720 Bostian - sign your name on
the checkout sheet and take a box(es) They need to be
returned by noon on November 8th
• Directions on packing and labels can be found at
• Craft/ice cream parties
• 4th Saturday of every month from 2-4
• Need 2-3 volunteers each month
• Please email Charlotte Rastas at
[email protected] if you would like
to participate or have any questions.
Durham Ramblin’ Rose Half Marathon
- 1 point-Register under BounceBack Kids as a course monitor.
Halloween Fun at Hill Ridge Farm
- 1 point – Go on hay rides, pumpkin patches etc. with the kids!
Email Naucika DeSouza at [email protected] if interested
Donations Needed! (Bring to Health PAC office)
- $10 Target Gift Cards- 1 point each.
Questions? Naucika Desouza, [email protected]
Hearts with Haiti, Raleigh, NC
• Hearts with Haiti (HWH) is a nonprofit that was founded in 2001.
• HWH fundraises to support a Haitian ministry that cares for
disadvantaged young people, including former child slaves, street
children, and the severely disabled.
• The earthquake of 2010 in Haiti destroyed two of
the facilities we support, but we have rebuilt one
and have grown our programming.
• We are still fundraising every day to keep the
mission alive and to rebuild Wings of Hope, our
home for the disabled.
• HWH has a hardworking Board of Trustees and
one staff member in the US, Geoffrey Hamlyn,
Executive Director. There are around 80 staff
that work for our ministry in Haiti.
How You Can Help
Our offices are right across the street from
NCSU at West Raleigh Presbyterian.
The PHC helps HWH with administrative tasks
– such as mailings and research.
Every two hours volunteered = 1 PHC point.
During the next 2 weeks we will have significant
needs for support on mailing projects. We will
send requests out through Brandon Williams
and Michael Tilley.
Hearts with Haiti
27 Horne Street, Raleigh, NC 27607
Email: [email protected]
On Facebook @ St. Joseph Family, Haiti
Thank you for your support…
Now help us keep the dream alive.
• INH packages and distributes lunches to the homeless community of Moore
Square each Sunday
• Donate at least once per semester to support our project
• You can donate by:
• Monetary Donation – Cash or checks made out to NCSU Pre-Health
Club (this money will be used to purchase food for lunches)
• Food Donations – 50 individually packaged items – chips, desserts, fruit
snacks (no crackers or granola bars needed at this time)
• You may also donate 8 loaves of bread for one point but you must SIGN UP
• Once you have donated twice in a semester you may sign up to help package
and distribute lunches on Sunday
• Email Laura Icenhour (Packing Coordinator) at [email protected]
Come out on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 or Saturday mornings at 10:15 and play bingo with
the elderly! We are currently looking for a new location for these events but if you would
be interested let us know
They really enjoy the company and your sliming faces. Bingo lasts for one to two hours
with set up and take down. You will receive one point for volunteering.
If you donate ten dollars for bingo, you will receive an additional point. Rides are provided
if you need one. Starting date TBA.
(for Saturday) Meredyth Daniel ([email protected]), Taylor Paris ([email protected])
or Rachel Tabb ([email protected])
(for Wednesday) - Alie Mara ([email protected]) or Dakota Bentz ([email protected])
- Work with
individuals with developmental disabilities on
goal setting, crafts, music, and various other activities
- Can choose to volunteer with us in a group on a certain
Saturday of a given month or commit as an individual
volunteer on a regular basis
Contact Aly Athens at [email protected] or Liz Surovec at
[email protected] if interested!
Email Kristin Fossett [email protected] or Amanda Ruddock at
[email protected] with questions!
Providing monthly activities year round to 10 formerly homeless, single
parent families with physical or mental disabilities. Of the 10 families there,
7 have been there all three years since the center opened.
September: Provide items for the Oak Hollow dollar store including diapers,
toilet paper, wet wipes and detergents.
October: Host and provide for a pumpkin party complete with treat bags for
all children in the community
November: Provide complete Thanksgiving dinner for each family.
December: Provide each family and teenager with a $25 Target Card plus
filled small stockings for each pre-teen and giant filled stockings for each
infant. In addition, we provide food for their Christmas party.
Science Saturdays
• Volunteers will present a fun
science-based lesson for
elementary school age
children at the Raleigh Boys
and Girls Club.
• 2 volunteers are needed per
month. (The dates are still
• If you are unable to volunteer,
please consider donating to
the supply closet!
• Contact [email protected] or
[email protected]
Boys & Girls Club
• Tutor elementary school students
– When? 4-5pm Mon-Thurs
– Where? Washington B&G Club
• Contact Spencer Lacy, [email protected],
if interested
Blood Drives!
• Fall blood drive has already past – thank you for
your participation!
• Two spring drives this year!
• The tentative dates are Thursday, February 7th
and Thursday, April 18th – these may change
• More information will be available as we move
closer to the date
• Contact Aly Athens at [email protected], Fahim
Lodhi at [email protected], or Nour Saleh at
[email protected] with any questions!
Pre-Medical Club
- Please give dues to Trevor Lawson or Sam
Gray after the meeting or envelope in the PHC
office ($15)
[email protected], [email protected]
- Christy Thrower and Alexandra Klavik are
handling points.
[email protected], [email protected]
- New Advisers:
Mrs. Kristen Pidgeon:
[email protected]
Ms. Bobbie Kelley:
[email protected]
Sept. 26th
Dr. Bashford
(UNC-SOM admissions)
Oct. 24th
DO Expo, Talley Ballroom
Nov. 28th
Dr. Nifong
(Cardiothoracic surgery)
All meetings in Bostian
3712 @7pm except
10/24 in Talley Ballroom
Projects & Misc.
- Imagine No Hunger
- Women’s Center
- Oak Hollow
- Bounce Back Kids
- Science Saturdays
- Boys & Girls Club
- Hearts with Haiti
- Exam break socials
- Medical School tours
Meeting exceptions contact Sam
Gray– [email protected]
Any questions or concerns
contact Co-Presidents:
Ronnie Shammas
[email protected]
Trevor Lawson
[email protected]
Sam Gray
[email protected]
Pre-Medical Honors Fraternity
To Pledge:
• Sophomore Standing (minimum 30 hours)
• 10 points in PHC from Spring 2012 semester
• 3.5 GPA
Activities AED provide:
• Shadowing Network
• Social Events
• Service Raleigh
• Health-PAC Liaisons
• Operation Christmas Child
• Adopt A Highway
• AED Scholarships
Any questions can be sent to the President (Ally Mentock:
[email protected]) or Vice President (Camille Sluder:
[email protected])
Presidents: Jenna Montminy & Bishal Johal
Vice Presidents: Nadine Shehadeh & Deepti Pidakala
Service Coordinator: Rebecca Vizzi
Pack Smiles Coordinator: Taylor Paris
Clinic Coordinator: Kristen Eguren
September 25th: Dr. Robert Elliott, Pedatric Dentist 7pm
October 10th: VCU Recruitment, Dr. Carolyn Booker 4:30pm
October 30th: ECU Speaker, TBD 7pm
November 27th: Panel of Dental School Students 7pm
MOM Clinics:
-Dare County: Nov 2-3
-Greensboro: Nov 16-17
-Charlotte: Dec 7-8
 Pack Smiles
 Present educational programs about the
importance of oral hygiene to elementary
schools in Raleigh.
 1 POINT for each program presented.
 Contact to Participate: Taylor Paris at
[email protected]
Pre-Dental Points
• Points Updater and Recorder: David Morrison [email protected]
• Points requirement:
• Pre-Dental- 4 points per semester
• Pre-Health Clubs dues must be paid before students can begin to earn points
• Points can be attained by attending meetings or ANY Health PAC service/volunteer/donation
• For service and volunteer activities specific to Pre-Dental/D.D.S.
• Print out the volunteer/service form on the Pre-Health Clubs website under “club
• Get form signed by the coordinator of the event, etc.
• Turn the form into David Morrison at the next meeting
Delta Delta Sigma
Shima Ghattan [email protected]
Kristen Eguren [email protected]
Delta Delta Sigma (DDS)
•Must have a sophomore status
•Must have at least a 3.5 GPA
•Must accumulate 5 points the semester prior to pledging
•Must accumulate 6 points the semester of pledging
During the semester of pledging, applicants must complete the
requirement of 6 points and submit an application of review.
During the pledge semester, pledges may attend all DDS meetings,
events, and elections. After the pledge semester, 5 points are
required each semester
Member Interest Meeting: September 25th @ 6 pm (FOX 104)
Some Projects!
MOM Clinics
SHAC Clinics
Pack Smiles
Adviser: Jill Anderson
President: Nathania Nhouyvanisvong
Vice President: Morgan Graves
Recorder/Service: Monica Tadros
Speakers Coordinator/Treasurer: Iqjyot Gill
We meet every 4th Tuesday in Withers 120
Our guest speakers include optometrists and admissions officers for optometry
schools. Provide a source of information and networking concerning the
optometry field.
Engage in service events such as:
Prevent Blindness NC at various events
Eyeglass drives
Delta Gamma blindness philanthropy
Questions about points? Contact Monica at [email protected]
Questions about dues? Contact Iqjyot at [email protected]
Contact Information
• Pre-PA President: Laura Icenhour – Inputs Points
([email protected])
• Pre-Nursing President: Tahiti Choudhury – Inputs
Points ([email protected])
• Pre-PA Vice President: Kristin Fossett
([email protected])
• Pre-PA Recorder: Jordyn Reisenauer – Inputs
Enrollment/Dues ([email protected])
 4 points to remain active
 Pre-PA Shadowing Network
(Spring 2013)
 Fall Tours to Campbell University
(9/22) and ECU (11/2)
 Service:
October: Collect Magazines for
Nursing Home
November/December: Oak
 Ordering short/long-sleeve Tshirts
PT president: Amir Sanii [email protected]
OT President: Angela Clemons [email protected]
Advisor: Robbye Brooks, DPT
Contact for points: Eyad Qassem, [email protected]
Collecting dues: Daniel Shin, [email protected]
Meetings Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7 pm in Withers Hall
Fall Meetings on 10/9 and 11/13
Monthly PT Seminar- have a practice PT class with Robbye Brooks in the
student health center
Service Opportunities
1) Bridge2Sports - Several adaptive sports throughout the week
2) Raleigh Sidewinders - One wheelchair rugby practice every Saturday
President – Sarah Griffin [email protected] (dues)
Vice President – Mary Hannah Ross [email protected]
Secretary – Brittany Keel [email protected] (points)
Service Project Coordinator – Daman Bowman
[email protected]
Faculty Advisor – Melissa Kahn [email protected]
-Kerr Drug Flu Clinic at NC State Fair
-2 point opportunity + free admission to the fair!
Email Daman Bowman [email protected] for sign-ups
and more details.
Meets Mondays (10/8,
11/5, 11/26) in Riddick
315 at 7 pm
Adviser: Anita Flick
President: Nyima Sabally
President-Elect: Elizabeth Russell
Secretary (inputs points): Christian Tilley
([email protected])
Reporter: Matthew Bishop
Treasurer (inputs dues): Christian Johnson
([email protected])
Historian: Amelia White
Parliamentarian: Nick Snow
Our goal is to promote health care opportunities and enhance
quality of health care to all people. We are committed to service
in the community as well as on campus service activities!
(see to find out more about HOSA at the National level)
Fall Opportunities:
-Medically Related Competitive Events!
-HOSA Week (Nov. 4-10)
-Blood Drives
-Cystic Fibrosis Climb for Life (National Service Project)
-Movie Nights
….and more!!!
@WolfpackHOSA on Twitter
Wolfpack HOSA on Facebook
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