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Transition Report

Transition Report
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Class: _________
Language Development
He has developed a wide vocabulary and good
sentence structure.
He can focus her attention, listen to and respond
to stories.
He recognise and can write her own name.
He uses writing as part of her play.
Early Mathematical Experiences
He can sequence events.
He can recognise and name shapes in the
He can rote count and count objects accurately.
He can recognise and name numbers in the
He can create a repeating pattern.
He can use language of size and quantity (e.g. big
/small, short/long.)
He can sort objects (giving reasons for her
The World Around Us
He can observe similarities and differences
between herself and others.
He can use her senses to investigate and describe
everyday objects and events.
He can understand the roles of people in the
He can understand the need to care for living
things in the environment.
Physical Development
Hand dominance – right / left
Tripod grip
Scissor grip
Not Acquired Yet
He demonstrates good hand eye coordination
e.g. threading beads.
He moves confidently with increasing control and
The Arts
He can express her own ideas through pictures
and models.
He can make representational drawings/
He enjoys making music by singing, clapping and
playing percussion instruments.
He can assume different roles in the role play
Personal, Social and Emotional
He has formed friendships.
He realises how her actions affect others.
He has good understanding of her emotions.
He can express clearly her own thoughts, feelings
and experiences.
He shares and takes turns easily.
During play, he plays alongside with others.
He can concentrate for periods up to 5 /10
minutes on an activity of interest.
Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
He can manage the routines of listening, turn
taking, sharing, cooperating and reaching
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