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Versoza, Christine Mae
Rizal has a closed-knit with his family, especially with his mother. As a child, I am very close with all of my
siblings. I am the second child in our family and with our mother raising us, she taught us to love and
take care of each other. I have a younger sister, a year younger to me be exact, just like how Rizal is close
to his younger sibling, Concepcion, I am close to my younger sister. She became my playmate since we
were a child and up until now, we are still closed and make memories that the two of enjoy. As I’ve said,
our mother raised us to love and take care of each, as their eldest sister, I make sure I give them love and
take good care of them. Our parents gave us the support and love that we needed. They always gave us
the best parenting they could give just like how the family of Rizal gave to their children.
As I grow up, my interest in reading different kinds of books and learning more about it became a hobby
of mine. Just like how Rizal picked his interest in reading books when he was in young age. I can tell that
reading and exploring in reading is such a great way to learn more about what's happening in our current
society, nature, and more. That up until now, I have been discovering new learnings by readings books.
When I was young, our family always get some time for us to have a family vacation and explores our
country. Which makes me want to travel and explore around the world. Rizal had his passion in
travelling when he was young and enjoying new places in their family vacation and school trip. I also
want to explore new places because of what I've experienced in my childhood days. That's one of my
goal once I graduated in my college.