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To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend Sahil Kumar for admission to your esteemed
college. I have had the privilege of knowing Sahil for several years now and have been consistently
impressed with their passion, dedication, and leadership skills, particularly in the realm of mountain
In late 2019, Sahil co-founded the Trail Tribe Jamshedpur, a mountain biking group that has not only
thrived but has become an integral part of our local community. Through sheer determination and
unwavering commitment, he has managed to transform our vision into a reality.
One of the most notable accomplishments of Sahil and Trail Tribe Jamshedpur is the successful
organization of three mountain biking events. These events have not only showcased the incredible
talent and resilience of our local riders but have also attracted participants from neighboring regions.
Sahil’s ability to plan and execute these events flawlessly is truly remarkable, and it reflects their
exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.
What makes Sahil truly special is their dedication to the sport and his community. Sahil has spent
countless days crafting and perfecting new mountain biking trails in our area, making them not only
challenging but also environmentally sustainable. his commitment to the sport is evident in the tireless
efforts they have put into building and maintaining these trails. Sahil has also been successful in
inspiring and encouraging their friends and fellow riders to join in this endeavor, fostering a sense of
teamwork and community spirit that has made these events a resounding success.
Moreover, Sahil's passion for mountain biking and their leadership have not only benefited our local
community but have also put our state- Jharkhand on the map in the national mountain biking scene.
His efforts have resulted in Trail Tribe Jamshedpur being the sole representative of our state in the MTB
Nationals, a remarkable achievement that showcases his determination and the high regard in which
they are held within the mountain biking community.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Sahil for admission to your college. his accomplishments
with Trail Tribe Jamshedpur demonstrate their exceptional leadership, commitment, and ability to work
effectively as part of a team. He is not only a talented mountain biker but also a dedicated and
responsible individual who can excel in any academic or extracurricular pursuit they choose to
If you have any questions or would like to discuss Sahil's qualifications further, please feel free to
contact me at trailtribemtbjsr@gmail.com
Gurdev Singh
General Secretary
Club Trailtribe Mountain Biking Welfare Association