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TwoStepEquationWordProblems-1 (1)

Write an equation to solve each word problem.
1. Khloe has 28 coins in her collection. That is five more than Kourntey has. How many does Kourtney have?
2. The art teacher has 6 packages of brushes and 8 single brushes. Each package has the same number of brushes.
The teacher has 80 brushes in all. How many brushes are in a package?
3. Scott works on cars. He charges $35 for each car plus $7 per hour. How many hours did he work on Kylie’s car if
her bill was $63?
4. There are 32 students in the class. They are separated into groups of five and one group of seven. How many
groups of five were there?
5. Penelope is going to the carnival to ride the rides. It costs $20 to get into the carnival and ride tickets are $ 0.50
each. She spends $35 in all. How many tickets did she buy?
6. Kendall is having a party and hires a clown to make balloon animals. The clown charges $4 an hour, and she
spent $32 on decorations. How many hours can the clown stay at the party if her budget is $60?
7. Natalie is a softball coach. She has a pitching private practice with Kasey. Kasey’s mom pays Natalie $11 per
hour plus a $6 tip. If the total cost was $39, how many hours was the practice?
8. Robert is 3 years less than half his brother’s age. Robert is thirteen years old. How old is his brother?
9. Kim is 15 more than three times her nephew’s age. If Kim is 36, how old is her nephew?
10. Kris has saved $3500 to open a cupcake shop. She has to pay a security deposit of $800 and $500 each month
for rent. How many months will her savings last?