Conor Walsh Homework #5 1. See and HW5-1.mph

Conor Walsh
Homework #5
1. See and HW5-1.mph
2. See and HW5-2.mph
3. See and HW5-3.mph
4. Polymer brushes are essentially a thin layer of polymer molecules that are all attached at one end to
a particular surface. Interesting properties can be developed when the density of the molecules is
increased, particularly when the molecule chains are all of roughly the same length. Some of the many
applications of these brushes are: as a coating (either for protection, lower friction, or with some
reactive purpose), as a sensor/detector of certain types of molecules, for use with nanoparticles, or as a
component in a micro-patterened device. The lubricating properties of the polymer brushes is of
particular concern for this class, as they can be used to significantly lower friction forces between two
surfaces, such as in an artificial joint.