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YEAR 9 TERM 3 MENSURATION Mensuration (1)

Year: 9
1) Calculate the volume and surface area of the shapes below.
2) A gift box is 12 cm long, 8 cm high and 4 cm wide and needs to be covered with gift paper on all
sides. How much material does it require?
3) The volume of a cube is 729cm3. What is the length of its edge?
4) Find the surface area of a solid cylinder if the diameter of the circular end is 90cm and its length is
40cm. Give your answer to the nearest square centimetre.
5) The volume of a cuboid is 240 cm3. What is its length if it is 12 cm wide and 5 cm high?
6) A cylindrical water container has a base radius of 4.5cm. The capacity of the container is
36000cm3. How deep is the water in the container? Give your answer to three significant figures.
7) The volume of a cuboid is 1372 cm3. How many cubes of edge 7cm can fit exactly in the cuboid?
8) Boxes of tea are packed into cartons. Each box is cube shaped with an
edge of 2 cm. A carton measures 56 cm by 30 cm by 36 cm. Work out the
number of boxes that will fill one carton.
9) The surface area of a cuboid is 64cm2. If the length and height of the cuboid are 7cm and 2cm
respectively, find the width of the cuboid.
10) A cube has a surface area of 864cm2. Find the side length of the cube.
11) These two cuboids have the same volume.
Find the height of the red cuboid.
12) Jacob has to paint four containers. Each container is in the shape of a cylinder with a diameter of
1.2m and a length of 3.2m. How many tins of paint will Jacob need to buy to completely cover
each of the four containers if each tin of paint covers 6m 2?
13) A cuboid has a length twice it's width and a height three times its length. If its length is 8mm find
its surface area in square millimetres.
14) The diagram shows a water tank in the shape of a cylinder. It has a diameter of 76cm anf a height
of 36cm. It is filled at the rate of 0.3 litres per second. How long does it take to completely fill the
tank? [1 litre = 1000 cm3]
15) Both the cylinders shown in the diagram below have the same
volume. Find the width of the blue cylinder. (Give your answer
correct to 3 significant figures)