Writing assignment

英三 B 陳宣叡 09121231
Advanced Writing
As technology becomes more and more advanced, people can drive a car
without actually driving the car, all thanks to the trendy autonomous car system;
however, there are still doubts concerning these driverless vehicles. In my opinion,
the disadvantages of these vehicles currently outweigh the advantages since the
technology has not been mature enough to enable people to fully depend on the
system by itself. There are several examples of how autonomous car system could
possibly cause accidents without human behind the wheels as we see from news. For
example, from the beginning of the year of 2023, there are almost 30 car accidents
stemmed from autonomous driving system on the high way in Taiwan according to
Ministry of Transportation and Communication; all these accidents happened
because the drivers solely relied on the autonomous driving system. From my point
of view, even when we develop a mature driverless system for our vehicles in the
future, I would still hold my doubts concerning these vehicles and would not fully
trust them since machines still make mistakes from time to time, I am not going to
risk my life betting on the possibilities of these vehicles not making any mistake.
Moreover, suppose an accident happens when you are in a driverless vehicle as a
passenger, who should take the responsibility for the accident; that is something our
law does not address yet as of now. Therefore, I do not think the advantages of
driverless vehicles would outweigh the disadvantages in the near future yet. Even
though it would be much more convenient and less costly for public transportations
such as buses or MRT, I still consider a real person driver to be more reliable, at least
when it comes to any special conditions which machines can hardly react to. In
conclusion, driverless vehicles are definitely the trend in the future and will replace
the traditional way of driving in the future, there are hazards and possible problems
existing in these vehicles and they are far from being perfect.