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Gr10 Worksheet - Public Sector

Gr10 Worksheet
Public Sector
50 Marks
1. What do you understand by Rent Control (restricted price)?
2. Draw a graph to represent this kind of government intervention.
3. Explain the impact on the suppliers of motor vehicles who have vehicles with engines larger
than 3 litres if government places a minimum price on them?
4. Draw a graph to reflect this scenario.
5. With the use of a graph, evaluate what will happen if Enoch Godongwana decides to
increase PIT (Personal Income Tax), Corporate Tax and VAT.
(graph 4; evaluation 8 = 12)
6. Explain what you know about Fiscal and Monetary Policy. Refer to who is responsible and
what tools relate to these policies.
7. Do you think that South African government should make use of expansionary or
contractionary policies in the current economic climate? Give reasons to support your
8. What are some of the consequences of the approach you suggest in question 7?