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Cardiovascular Pre-Lecture
1. Which Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) are categorized as increased pulmonary blood flow?
2. Which CHD’s are categorized as decreased pulmonary blood flow?
3. What are the treatment plans for each one? (medication? surgery, watch and see?)
4. What are the two primary meds used to treat heart failure in children? What should the nurse
consider before administration? (dose, toxicity level, labs)
5. What are the s/s of heart failure?
6. Describe nursing considerations for pre and post-cardiac catheterization in children. Also, discuss
potential complications and what the nurse would be expected to do.
7. Nursing considerations of a child with bacterial endocarditis include…
8. What are the s/s of a child with Rheumatic fever(RF)? What is significant to recognize in their health
9. How is RF diagnosed? And what is a complication?
10. How is it treated and for how long? What are some teaching points explained to parents?
11. What are the s/s of Kawasaki’s disease?
12. How is it treated? What are some complications if left untreated?