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P2eng 2

1a. My day began with the captain's annoying voice waking me from my endless slumber and Mr
Tau, my indispensable soft toy, hugging my pale face. It did not take me a second to rush to the
boat's deck and view Antarctica- a mythical world made solely from clear crystals. This has been my
dream since I was five to touch the comfortably cold ice that rose above like canopies and to hug
Tau's white-furred relatives. Of course, for someone like me who lives in the tropics, this is
undoubtedly a dream come true!
Nevertheless, I hurried under my bedsheets soon and took another nap until we arrived at the
research centre since the cold breeze hit my face like tapered needles. I slightly expected to stay at a
hotel, but, come on, we are talking about Antarctica! The researchers welcomed me warmly despite
my intrusion into their office and provided me with a decent breakfast. Of course, the food was cold,
and I loathe frozen meals, but it is Antarctica!
Unlike the melancholic blue of Antarctica, I chose to wear vibrant shades of hot pink and crimson
sweaters that my dad gifted me last year. Well, it is a pity that only Antarctica had the chance to see
me with those cute sweaters. Even though I wore nearly five sweaters with an elephant-sized puffer
jacket, two gloves, an earmuff and a cardigan, it was still cold as dew to drooping leaves. And it was
not even noon yet!
I took a stroll outside with my tour guide at one past quarter and clicked plenty of photos to make
my entire family jealous and, obviously, to capture the compelling beauty of Antarctica.
Serendipitously, there were ice glaciers nearby, which glistened with sapphire blue like the sky,
whose ball of gleam was mellowed by the white cotton candies. Moreover, Tau's relatives are in the
Arctic since "Antarctica is a barren land filled with pale slippery ice." Perhaps, it is, but this is why it's
prominent among the bustling cities. Antarctica possesses tranquillity and stillness, which many
places lack, and a sense of hope because despite the harsh conditions, I still stood.
After that, I dragged my heavy body into bed and slept like a winter bear until dawn broke today.
Jeez, I am such a sleepy head! I am still in agony since Tau and I can’t meet his relatives; however, we
are meeting his friends, the penguins, today! Wow, nothing feels better than a free trip!
1b. In my text, I have followed the conventions of a diary entry by employing an elated personal tone
with optimism to fulfil the purpose of the text. My text utilizes a high-frequency lexical field
amalgamated with the liberal use of exclamations to emphasize my exhilaration. Furthermore, the
extract follows an informal register by utilizing contractions to appeal to its intended audience, which
is me.
The syntax of the text mainly comprises compound and complex sentences to provide a sophisticated
link between my ideas. I further employ the first person 'I' and past tense to maintain the decorum
of a diary entry. Moreover, the text obeys a chronological order as the events unfold to make it
appear organized.
'A mystical world' sets Antarctica apart as I employ a zestful tone to portray its exuberance. It also
connotes my boundless enthrallment as I 'rush to the boat's deck' despite being seasick (‘pale face’).
The last sentence in the second paragraph (‘Of course.... Antarctica’) assembles a distinction
between Antarctica and the other parts of the world. It further underscores the harsh weather in the
polar region that is reinforced through the unitization of the simile 'cold breeze hit my face like
tapered needles'.