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English Essay

Model of Studying
Maria Matsko, student of KE
The coronavirus epidemic that appeared on the eve of the beginning of the New Year,
like a bolt from a blue sky, not only shocked everyone, but also made everyone to
accept a completely new way of life. The situation also affected the sphere of
education. In connection with quarantine, all students and teachers were forced to study
and teach online. In my opinion, completely new conditions had as advantages as also
disadvantages (although the younger generation found it much easier to adapt).
First and the most significant difference is getting knowledge, located anywhere in the
world, thanks to the Internet. We are not limited with country or even continent.
Also, flexibility is a strong side of education. In this process, the student learns all the
material on his own. That means that he is free to choose the time for classes.
An important advantage of distance learning is its relatively low cost. Studying
remotely, a person does not depend on transport. In addiction to saving money, this
allows you to save a lot of free time.
But no matter how good all these possibilities sound distance control has its drawbacks:
1. Full-time education is valuable not only in terms of knowledge. A very important
part of offline education is personal communication. Getting higher education, a
student lives in a very active sphere with a lot of possibilities and connections.
He interacts with teachers and classmates in. Such communication can generate
amazing ideas and radically change the fate of people.
Being in the middle of process, you are likely to fight with unforeseen
circumstances such as turning off the light or the internet can go off during an
important online seminar and you can not do anything about it. Distance learning
makes you dependent on technology issues.
The lack of constant control from the teacher is a minus. But it is not that simple.
Distance learning will force you to fight your toughest opponent – your own
However, if you are confident in your abilities and are determined to learn, distance
education offers a variety of opportunities for professional and personal