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Opinion Writing Sample

Persuasive Writing Sample
“Television is triumph of machine over people.” Do you agree or disagree?
Who could have thought that a box-like electronic device would become a huge
mass media addiction for the human generation? It is cheap, appealing and easily
reachable to the general public. Sadly, this resource isn’t used in a beneficial way.
Rather, this machine has got some adverse dominance over the mankind. Hence, I
strongly believe that television is triumph of machine over people due to the
following reasons.(thesis statement)
The first reason, why TV has got a stronghold on people, is its
Nowadays we can watch movies, series, shows that televise scenes of violence,
luxury, thrill, romance etc. This has established wrong concepts among the
audiences especially children. This influences them into having negative behaviour.
That is why, children all around us are seen hyperactive imitating the ideas they get
from TV.
The second reason that makes TV a
over people is that despite
being a machine, it is able to control their precious time. For instance, according to a
Nielson report, adults in the USA are watching five hours and four minutes of TV per
day. Instead, I strongly believe, we could spend such precious time in useful activities
like reading, exercise, interacting with family and friends etc.
Thirdly, TV has got such a persistent place in our lives that it is negatively
affecting our mental development. According to several scientific studies, watching
TV for
of time has many unfavourable effects over our intellectual
development. This leads to the deterioration in our attention span and memory
problems in the long term.
To put in a nutshell, we as humans should retain the
of our
intellect as is said, ‘let the machines do the work!’ However, this doesn’t mean that
we should ban TV, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with moderation.
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