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Needs Analysis

What are your goals for the future?
To find work
To do further study
To do volunteer work
To be confident in speaking English to anyone in any
 To be able to watch English TV and movies
 To join a club
 Other: ________________________________________________________
What is the most difficult for you now?
 speaking English in casual situations (neighbours,
friends, parents of other children)
 speaking with people face to face who service the
community (doctors, teachers, nurses, bus drivers)
 Reading English texts (letters, bills, newspapers,
 Speaking on the telephone
 Watching TV
 Understanding news on the internet, newspaper or TV.
 Other:
Which activities are most helpful to your English learning?
Rank from most helpful to least helpful, 1 - 9
Working individually
Working in pairs or groups
Reading activities
Going on excursions
Grammar practice
Vocabulary practice
Pronunciation drills
Watching videos