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Seduce her with your touch
“The touch will bring together you and a
woman faster than hours of talking”
Seduce her with your touch
The author's note
I.1 Escalation – the definition
Inner Game
II.1 Accept you sexuality
II.2 Are you ready for sex?
III. Two shittiest beliefs
IV. How to escalate the touch efficiently
IV.1 Shut up and act!
IV.2 Be consistent
IV.3 It's NOW!
IV.4 Touch the woman. It's what you seduce her for
IV.5 Stop begging
III.6 Isolate
IV.7 Respond to her indicators of interest
IV.8 Naturalness of movement
IV.9 Turn her on
IV.10 Forget about “What will she think”?
IV.11 Tests – get rid of her anxieties
V. Conclusion
VI. Bonus 1: The kiss
VII. 1 Bonus 2: Field Report (an account from a seduction) – the model
VII. 2 Bonus 3: Field Report – Fast sex in less than 10 minutes
VIII Bonus 4: Do you want to be able to seduce beautiful woman and have sex with them
in every place and every time?
Seduce her with your touch
The author's note
The touch is one of the most important and the fastest developing senses ( it appears
around the 8th week of a fetus' life). 80% of an infant's contact with the surrounding world
takes place through the touch.
Psychologists, pharmacologists, cosmetologists, physiotherapists make use of enormous
potential of the touch in their work helping people get rid of both spiritual and body
The touch helps to:
− develop sight
− develop manual skills
− develop one's positive self image
− keep one's self-esteem high
− make somebody feel better
− lower the level of anxiety, stress, and insecurity
− keep oneself healthy
− establish closer relations between people
− communicate with other people
− soothe emotional and physical pain
It's all about the touch
Unfortunately, the touch remains a taboo subject in the society. We are taught
that touching people or ourselves is wrong. Touching yourself can be good if it's a natural
care about your body: for example when you rub your acheing neck or your hands when
you're cold. I think that if all people were taught that it's good to touch, then more of
them would be happy. I'm sure you know people who are always in a bad mood and
complaining. In 99% of cases they have a touch deficit. Although in the beginning such a
person may react in a negative way, the touch will do wonders for him or her.
The touch is every person's basic need. Notice the popularity of massage
parlours, renewal centers, dancing classes. They all give people opportunities to satisfy
Seduce her with your touch
their need of physical contact with others while respecting social norms.
You're about to get to know the basic rules of efficient escalation of the touch
(so-called kino escalation). It's efficicent in the sense that it leads to a woman opening to
you, thinking about you as her dream, and asking you for more. It is all based on my own
experience so that you could explore the full potential of a man – woman physical
I based my method of seduction on the touch, male sexual energy, and the
right state of mind (so called “inner game”). The rest is only a decoration. I love the
feeling I get when a woman gets excited and trembles under my touch.
Showing you're interested in a straightforward way will save you a lot of time.
If she's interested, she'll follow you. If she's not, you can devote your time to other
During my workshops I teach people how to do the escalation in an easy,
confident and efficient way.
I'm only giving you a small fragment of my knowledge and experience in the field of
physical contact with a woman. You can get the rest of it only during the workshops cause
even the best photo presentation cannot show the little details you'll discover taking part
in them.
The more you learn, the more responsible you should become. If your attitude to women
is negative then get rid of this e-book.
The author doesn't take responsibility for any damages that might result from
abusing the techniques or methods described in this e-book.
Nobody is allowed to use this publication for commercial reasons. It also cannot
be offered as a bonus to any other products or other companies' workshops, unless the
author gives his permission.
The author gives his consent to distributing this e-book for free. Its distribution
by a third party will not bring any financial benefits to the author. However, the distributor
is obliged to keep the original content of the book, which can be found at www.feniksuwodzenie.pl, and indicate its source.
Seduce her with your touch
Charging any fees by persons who are not the authors of the book violates the
copyright laws. The use of the book, or its fragments, for financial gains, can take place
only if the author consents.
Any resemblance of the places, situations, names or events to real ones is
accidental. All attempts to identify them are pointless, since all of them has beem modified
in order to protect the privacy of the people involved and make their identification
Seduce her with your touch
Escalation – a way to establish a
physical relation with a woman by way of
touching her - going through different
stages in the process from meeting a
woman to having sex with her.
Seduce her with your touch
II. Inner Game
It's the right state of mind. It forms the basis for the right use of the strategies and
techniques described below. Without proper inner game you hesitate and hallucinate
making all the methods totally useless. I always start working with a person with
changing, modifying his beliefs. I'm never Mr. Nice Guy when doing that, but I believe
that's the only way to enable a guy to improve quickly and reach his goals. It's the same
thing as a gardener does: he gets rid of the weed and tills the land in order to cultivate it
and make it fruitful.
II.1. Accept your sexuality – a belief that will bring your relations with women to another
Are you proud of being a man?
Do you accept your sexuality?
Do you accept the fact that the real reason for approaching a woman is her
What can you say about a woman's personality when you see her in the street, in a club,
or in a cafe for the first time?
If you had a choice between:
a) extraordinarily beautiful woman, whom you find very attractive but know nothing about
b) a woman who's not a bit attractive to you, but you know that she's come up with a
cure for cancer
Don't lie;) – I know you'd choose a)
You might ask - “What if she's my friend?”
Ok then, I have a few questions for you:
- is she physically attractive?
- is she only your friend because you can't get her to your bed? Or, what's even worse,
you are unable to have sex with other women and you hope that your friend will
eventually change her mind?
- imagine this situation: one day your friend comes to your place, kneels in front of you,
Seduce her with your touch
takes your pants off and starts giving you blowjob. Would your response be: “Don't do it!
It will destroy our friendship!” If that's not enough, imagine that she gives you an
ultimatum - “Either you have sex with me or our friendship is over! Remember that if you
don't sleep with me all our friend talks are over!”
Stop lying to yourself. (If you're tired with being an attractive woman's “friend”
then read my text: “A friend with a penis? No more!”)
I know that some women read “Seduce her with your touch” so I think it's
worth leaving a tip for them too.
If you're a woman and you want to check whether your friend really cares
about your friendship, or just waits for an opportunity to have a “friendly sex” with you,
do the following test. Pretend that you're drunk and tell him something like: “I find you
very attractive, and I've always wanted to sleep with you, etc.” I doubt that his response
is going to be: “I can't cause I'll feel guilty for destroying our friendship”. He'll rather say:
“Yeah!!! At last!!! Let's do it right now!!!”
Looks always comes first. Only after you get to know her better can you tell if
she meets your standars of a good lover, a long term relationship partner, or a sex friend.
You may also stop seeing her at all. Only her body matters when you see a woman for the
first time. It's natural. You're not a member of the Salvation Army. The cavemen used to
take the most attractive women out of the enemy tribe's cave. Nobody cared whether he
hurts anyone's feelings. People have always associated beauty with being healthy. It is
why we survived.
Stop fighting your masculinity
Stop fighting your body and it's natural needs.
You take responsibility for your children's life because it is you who chooses
their mother.
As soon as I accepted the fact that I approach women because I'm sexually
attracted to them, I felt enormous relief and my relations with them became much easier.
I love sex. I can do it all the time. I love it when a woman and I exchange the
Seduce her with your touch
energy of our bodies and souls.
Obviously, I'm curious about the mental side of our relationship, and I'm very
pleased if it brings us even more satisfaction. However, I feel comfortable being a man,
and the fact that I'll have sex with a woman I meet seems natural.
I've noticed certain pattern – The more easy and straightforward I am when
communicating my sexual intention to a woman, the faster we get to the physical stage of
our relationship (kiss, touch, sex). The last thing that comes to her mind when thinking
about me is “a friend”. Sometimes women are surprised that I kino escalate so quickly. In
such situations I say something like:
− “Hide your breasts. I can't focus on what you're saying!”
− “Your legs are so sexy”
− “Are you aware of the fact that we'll have sex next time we meet?”
She didn't go anywhere. She continued talking to me, giving me more and more
indicators of interest.
Show your sexuality by your intentions, gestures, speech, non-verbal
communication, clothes, relations with women.
They know it either way, so why hide your intention?!
Stand in front of a mirror and say: I'm a man and I love women in every aspect of their
I think that the source of the problem with escalating the touch lies in the conflict
between desire and false asumptions about sex.
Sex is good and healthy
Don't you like it when somebody shares something with you? Sex is like a
candle – though it lights other candles, it doesn't lose its original glow.
The fact that you restrain your sexual desire frustrates both you (ONH – one
night hand) and a woman (Such a great guy, too bad he can't take the matters in his
Seduce her with your touch
hands, but I won't jump into his bed – he'll think I'm easy). Remember, if you won't do it,
someone else will. Somebody who feels good being a man. Read my text “The fear of
approach” if you are still afraid of approaching a woman.
II.2 Are you ready for sex?
Are you a sexually open man?
Do you feel all right with your masculinity, nakedness, sexual desire?
What inspired me to writing this text was the course of events in Project Wroclaw 2 and 3.
There I saw the enormous role of being sexually open in the process of seduction.
It's original title was “Sex vs. Ego”.
Let's consider the basics:
1. Ego – it wants to have as much sex as possible. Ego is the core of being a man.
2. Subconsciousness (men's and women's programmed roles, sexual blockades,
feeling of guilt, important experiences connected with sex, practice in sex,
madonna-whore complex, etc.) influences man's sexual life a lot. The quality of
your sexual life depends on whether you cooperate or fight with your ego.
Every man wants to have sex. But not everyone is ready for that.
On one hand men want to have lots of partners, on the other their subconsciousness
doesn't let them do that. Such situations take place when:
A women would like to make love to a guy, but he thinks she's a whore and backs
A man notices signs showing that a woman is attracted to him, but he doesn't do
anything about it
Although he knows that he will be having sex, he decides to withdraw
First you have to sort everything out in your head and get rid of your sexual blockades to
fulfilling your sexual fantasies. You have to accept them as good, natural, and
healthy both for your body and spirit.
Once, during my personal coaching I trained a man who never had sex before. I sent him
Seduce her with your touch
to a woman who was making it clear she wanted to have sex that day. A classy one. He
started a conversation with her. She went to the dance floor but after a while came back
and took him to the bar. They had a chit-chat and she went to the dance floor again. I
knew what it was all about so I went to him, expalained everything, and handed him a
condom. The guy was shocked. He thought that the first night would be a simple
introduction, he'd just have a few small talks, he wasn't prepared for that. He didn't take
advantage of this opportunity but we identified the problem – lack of experience resulting
in lack of self – confidence when it comes to sex.
His ego wanted to have a lot of lovers, but his subconsciousness wasn't
prepared for that.
If you want to have a lot of sex, and do it in situations that the society doesn't
approve of because of their immorality, you really have to like women. And you have to be
a guy who enables them to fulfil their deepest sexual fantasies.
We devoted a lot of time to this sphere during Project Wroclaw. In a sense it
was a re-education in being a man. We helped every participant discover his real needs
and fully accept them. Only after that did everyone get the right tools.
Seduce her with your touch
Two shittiest beliefs about establishing physical contact with a woman.
Intimate distance
Every time I read some some book about body language I come across information that
there's something like intimate distance – 0,45 m ( or some other length, you'll soon learn
it doesn't matter). And every time I do it I wonder who gave these people their diplomas?
What for? For making people frustrated and feeling guilty because of doing what's natural,
good and healthy?
In theory, this distance is characteristic for every human being. In practice, it's
bullshit. Is there any intimate distance in a crowded bus? Have your ever measured the
distance between you and a woman during a hot dance? I doubt it.
On lots of occasions have I proven that intimate distance can really be found
only in pseudo – psychological books.
Every bit of the knowledge I teach during my workshops I experienced in real life so I'll
give you proof which will ultimately destroy all the false assumptions concerning so-called
intimate distance.
Yesterday, (The day before these words were written) there was a situation
which once again underlined my belief that there's nothing like intimate distance. I was
dancing with a sexy woman I have just met.
Me and a friend of mine are standing next to the dance floor and having a
conversation. Everything that happens on the dance floor is natural for us. We're not
concentrating on beer but simply on having fun. I notice HER dancing. She notices me
looking at her. Her dance is getting hotter, and she starts giving me a challenging look in
the eyes. I stop her, take her hand and start pulling her off the dance floor. We take a
seat in a quiet place and then she gets a chance to present herself in the best possible
way ( I check if a woman meets my expectations – she's an intelligent, warm
person). We're having a longer conversation and after a while her friends come. She
takes me to the dance floor so that we could enjoy ourselves. I lead her to the center
of the dance floor so that her friends couldn't see us (she's with friends so I make sure
they keep good opinion about her). She starts cuddling me. I can feel her hot,
fragrant body. I'm touch her smooth skin. We're looking in each other's eyes, it's
Seduce her with your touch
becoming more and more intense. I can feel her legs between my thighs as she rubs them
against me during her licentious dance. I can see her getting even more horny as I grab
her and lift into the air so that she could show me her beautiful breasts, neck, and long
blonde hair. Suddenly, she turns. She starts rubbing me with her great ass ( yeah, down
And then I felt sorry for those poor, miserable people who'd written all that
bullshit about intimate distances. Hope they will enter the PUA (Pickup Artist) track one
day – I thought.
We've met a few days later. During that meeting I've experienced something
almost mystical – establishing a sexual state and passing it to other person. You'll find
information about how to do it later in this e-book.
What you need to do, is to substitute “Am I not to close to her? Won't she feel
upset?” attitude with “What should I do to give her my intimacy”.
You can even talk to a woman and prepare her for the the physical connection.
Feniks: It's sad that people have to suppress their need of intimacy these days. You
cannot touch anybody cause you may be accused of sexual molestation.
Even a teacher
who hugs a crying baby may be perceived as a paedophile...
Kate: Exactly... Once, when I was working in a kindergarten, I took a child, put it on my
lap, and suddenly I felt like a paedophile...
Feniks: It all restrains the need to touch which is natural for every human being. Women,
for example, have the natural ability to establish a connection during a conversation
thanks to the touch. For example, one may say to another - “Are you all right” and touch
her at the same time ( saying that, I touch her arm).
A woman doesn't like to be touched by a stranger
How long time do you have to spend knowing her, before you get implied permission to
touch her?
Are 3 days, 4 hours, 56 minutes and 11 seconds all right?
Those who saw me picking up a woman, know that I escalate very quickly. I am able to
create an impression that we are an old couple during first few minutes of a conversation.
Seduce her with your touch
Her positive reaction to your touch depends on:
1. Your attitude to a woman. I love woman, my attitude towards them is very positive,
and I know that they can trust me. They can sense it, and for this reason accept
my touch faster than they would do, if my only goal was to have sex without
respecting the other person's feelings and future.
2. The way you touch her. You will find more information about the touch escalation
during my workshops.
3. Coherence: whether you think and behave the same way. If you're incoherent,
change your current patterns of behaviour, and beliefs.
Success Diary – the base for your development
Before you start doing the exercises described below, create a “Success Diary”. It is a
place for you to write down all the information about how those exercises looked like, and
your observations concerning the physical contact with women. I know it's very helpful
cause I also keep such a diary.
It is divided into 3 parts:
1. Seduction
2. The touch (because it's a sphere I specialize in, I separated it from others )
3. workshops (ideas, organization)
Divide every page in your diary into 6 columns:
1. Date
2. Situation
3. Technique
4. Did it work?
5. What can I improve in the future?
Seduce her with your touch
6. Other conclusions
Without keeping this diary you will forget about lots of observations which you could
remember and use while working on your self – improvement.
Exercise 1:
1. Go to a swimming pool or jacuzzi ( focus on what you sense, what your body
senses, the pressure of the water as you swim, what the temperature is when you
get out of the water, what you feel when you get goosebumps. You have to know
your body. Stop talking to yourself. Inner dialog – off)
Do sport where your whole body is active ( Especially aerobic sports, team games,
martial arts, for example Krav Maga). And by “sport” I mean S P O R T. A round of
chess will not do! Though it's a very useful for your intellectual development, it
won't improve your ability to touch.
3. Take up some dancing classes. You can touch people within acceptable social
norms there.
Plus, there are women there, and you cannot overestimate contact with them. Latin
dances are very fashionable nowadays. I know a lot of attractive women, who love to
dance salsa. I also recommend Argentinian tango ( I've taken up such classes myself) for
3 reasons:
it teaches you how to lead your partner because it is up to YOU to lead her in every
aspect of your life
it helps to keep straight posture ( Walk with you back straight, because you present
yourself in a better way. Check out Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”. Did he slouch and hid
his head between his shoulders?)
It gives you a great picture of man – woman relation, which relates to woman's
natural instincts and is very attractive to her on the subconscious level
4. Use your entire body when taking to her – use gestures, smile, make your body
seem really alive, your face should express all the possible emotions. Present
yourself as an expressive person. The movement of your body has to be easy – it
shows that you're comfortable with your body. Stand in front of a mirror and do
funny faces for 10 minutes. Do the same to practise smiling. If you don't smile a
Seduce her with your touch
lot, practise it every morning in front of a mirror, and
whenever you have the opportunity. Simply stand in front of a mirror, think about
something making you happy and smile, even if it seems weird. Trust me. It will do
wonders for you. There are approximately 80 muscles in a man's face. In the beginning,
an emotional state mirrors itself on a persons face creating a muscular pattern. Later, this
pattern influences your emotional states – this way you get the emotional state your face
I like to smile and I do it very often. I often walk a street, feeling great, listening to some
good music, and because of that I smile to myself, which increases my good state of mind
even more. You might be very surprised with the influence gestures and facial expressions
have on touching other people. Enormous. If you learn to feel comfortable in your body,
and consequently express positive emotions, other people will feel like they need your
touch as it can make them feel better.
Warning! Turn off your computer!
If you're interested in seduction through the Intenet, give yourself a break. Sitting in front
of a monitor will not teach you interacting with real pepole. Which do you prefer: an hour
of sex, or
an hour of visiting dating sites and watching some women's photos?
By typing letters you don't learn to seduce. Cybersex is not sex. You never
know who's on the other side of the wire.
Be an egotist. Think about the time you can save. You can get the phone number very
easily but how much time will it take you to give her enough comfort to make her want to
meet you?
You cannot “feel” a woman through the Internet, which leads to funny situations. I used
to date through the Internet a few years ago – I even had my own profile on a daying site
(It's long gone;) )
I met a few girls. The funniest situation took place when the picture of a girl was 3O
pound slimmer than its owner.
By starting seducing in the real world you save your own life!
Seduce her with your touch
IV. How to escalate the touch efficiently
IV.1 Shut up and act!
I've seen hundreds of men in clubs, who kept carrying a conversation and not
doing anything, though a woman was sending indicators of interest. A woman shows her
interest when she isolates you from friends, focuses on you. You need to show your
interest by touching her. By focusing only on talking to her, without making any contact
with her body, you will improve your verbal skills and the strength of your forearm ( yeah,
you know what I'm talking about:) )
The longer you wait with getting into her physical sphere, the more difficult it
gets. By avoiding the touch, you put yourself in a sack called “a friend” and tie it from the
inside. And there's no sex in this sack.
The moment you unwillingly start touching a woman, even if you do it in the
beginning of the first conversation with her, you put the relationship in a different frame
(the way something is perceived). She gets more open and more willing to establish a
physical contact with you.
If you seduce a woman, touch her during the first minute of a converstation
with her. No matter if you're in the club or in the street - do it! If you see a woman you
find attractive approach her, and the moment you start talking to her put your hand on
her back (in the middle of it – between her shoulder blades and her buttocks). Do it in a
natural, easy, and confident way. Remember – it's good to touch.
IV.2 Be consistent
There's nothing like rejection, there's only feedback. You don't fail, if you
continue doing something until you succeed. You're always a winner. You are going to
seduce her or learn something that will be useful in future.
The source of the discomfort you feel when being rejected is in the fact that the
area of the brain responsible for social ostracism is connected with the area responsible
Seduce her with your touch
Your brain tries to protect you, not knowing that you no longer live in a cave and the
social rules are different.
Has it ever happened to you that she moved back or looked as if she was going
to kill you? Took your hand away? Relax. Maybe her boyfriend was looking at you, or she
needed a little more time to feel more comfortable. As long as she doesn't go way and
continues talking to you, everything is possible. And I really mean it! What's more, even if
she's left you, you can try to approach her one more time and say: “I know what I
screwed up – let's start again;)” and continue seducing her.
For the beginners. A wake up pill.
Once, during a rally I took part in, one of the lecturers asked a woman sitting close to me
− “What do you think if you keep meeting a man and he doesn't move forward?”
− “I think I'm loosing my time” - she answered
A woman said she's loosing her time if a man doesn't touch her!
In my opinion, the ability to “pull the trigger” is one of the most important in
the whole seduction process. I've seen many guys doing really great (they were getting
lots of IOIs) but they didn't do another step. The women left them, searching for some
other guy for that night.
Sometimes, I meet people dressed in PUA-Uniform in the club. They approach
every woman there, but few of them are successful. They later take photos with girls they
met at the party, but it's very easy to notice that they'd known each other only for the
time needed to take a photo.
You can tell that they are more excited with the sole fact of forming a community and
going to clubs together, then with actual seducing and having sex. And after it's all over
they make the folowing reflection: “Something's fucking wrong, I didn't even kiss a girl. I
have to read another 2000 pages of materials, and everything will get better.” They used
to dress up as Indians and cowboys, and now they dress up as seducers.
To make things clear: theory is good, if you try it in practice right away. Then
you can relate it to real-life situations. If you don't do it, you act like a person who's eaten
Seduce her with your touch
so much that he has to throw up. It's because you have absorbed so much of this shit that
the body cannot take it more, or you look like a pig and feel ashamed to go out. Be
careful about the quality and the amount of what you “consume”.
The move forward (so-called “pulling the trigger”) is, in my opinion, only about
heading in the direction of a physical contact with a woman. I don't consider selling any
speaking routines a move forward. If you don't touch you act like somebody sawing a
branch he's sitting on.
Do what you want, be resolute. Especially if you're a beginner. I often come
across men who ask what to do, because they can feel they're doing well but at one point
something goes wrong and the girl disappears. Or they see that after a few meetings a
girl's getting bored, but the're still afraid to touch her. It is then when I ask them - “What
about establishing a physical contact with her? Have you kissed her, caressed her, or slept
with her?” The answer is always – NO. Notice the fact that there's a reason why she wears
high heels ( though the only advantage for her is that her ass looks better. Every doctor
tells you it's a torture for the spine), or a miniskirt even though it's -10 C outside. And if
she keeps meeting you, that's everything you need. You're in a better position, the only
thing you need to do is move forward.
IV.3 It's NOW!
You've probably been in a situation when, during a meeting with a woman, you
thought “I should probably kiss her, cuddle her now”, etc. You didn't do it so the candles
went off, the romantic music stopped, and she asked you politely to leave her house. She
was tired, and she had to get up early.
If you want to avoid this in future, you have to trust your instinct. Every time
you think “Should I touch her?” your subconsciousness sends you a signal that you should
do it.
If you don't take advantage of all the natural opportunities for touching a
woman, you may be able to seduce her but it will take you ages to do it.
Don't worry about time. What really matters is only the type of interaction
between a man and a woman.
Another real – life example:
Seduce her with your touch
A blonde is dancing in front of me ( large, full lips [perfect for oral sex], curly hair) in a
lace blouse through which you can see black bra. Only one thing comes to my mind when
thinking about her – a healthy, attractive woman. She's dancing and blatantly looking into
my eyes. All the time I look back. If I lose the eye – contact it is only to have some small
talks with other women at the bar. I wanted to talk to them, practise conversation. Tell
them a few very interesting stories (did you believe that?;) ). After about half hour I look
at her again. I point at her and make a gesture to invite her. She approaches me and then
I whisper to her ear: “In moments like these, I wish I weren't
shy”. She turns around
and starts rubbing my crotch. I turn her around and we start kissing. The whole process
from the moment of pointing at her lasted no more than 30 seconds. Other people's
faces? Priceless! I could feel all the gazes. The air almost stopped.
A layman probably saw it this way: there's a guy at the bar drinking a juice,
talking to people. Suddenly he points at a girl, she comes to him, he whispers something
in her ear, and they kiss.
After the kiss:
Feniks: What's your name?
Vicky (26 years): Victoria. I hardly understand Polish, I'm from Ukraine, I came to Poland
3 weeks ago. ( Actually, this is what I understood, and I'm not sure if this is what she
really sayd because I don't speak Ukraine, while her Polish is as fluent as my Chinese. The
point is, she probably didn't understand the first thing I'd said to her.)
Feniks: Ok;)
Vicky: What about you?
Feniks: Feniks
For those who focus on what to say so much:
I understood no more than 15% of what she was telling me. The major part of our
conversation consisted of me saying “ok”(If I understood her) and “repeat” (if I didn't). I
think she understood me a little bit better but not very much. We couldn't even talk in
English. It was like talking to a 5 year old. Using mainly infinitives. What about my opinion
openers? What about all the routines? Help!!! Help!!! Even NLS wouldn't help because she
couldn't understand me and vice versa.
Seduce her with your touch
Still sitting at the bar
Feniks: You're very sexy ( it must me a keyword working in every situation because she
gave me a nice smile)
I grab her ass and pull her, we kiss again. I take her arm, and we go downstairs to the
dance floor. There we do erotic dance for 3 minutes.
Feniks: What should I do with you? (I look deep into her eyes, as if I wanted to drill her
down to the panties)
Vicky: I don't know:) ( When a woman says something like that, smiles and looks
sideways or downwards, I know she's excited and interested)
Feniks: [Yes, you know :)] - I thought
Then we go upstairs. I turn her around, touch her, kiss her – I do whatever I please. The
women in a lounge next to us almost choked with their beers seeing us doing all these
things. In the checkroom, I try to communicate with her using gestures.
Feniks: Me, you ( I gesture with my hands trying to explain that I mean sex), taxi, 5
minut, hotel ( fortunately there's one in the city center), will be back in an hour. My friend
is waiting.
Vicky: Ok. (She smiled and kissed me), but I'm with a friend. I have to tell her that I'm
leaving, I have her stuff.
Feniks: Ok. So I will tell my friend.
I took her from the club 15 minutes after we kissed – without using any routines ( stories
created in order to make seduction possible), without giving her much comfort. We both
wanted the same. She didn't test me. She was with me between 2 and 3 a.m. leaving her
friend. I must have made her trust me with my body language and subcommunication.
Otherwise she wouldn't go with me:)
Practise establishing physical contact all the time. It will help you to shape your
instinct. You will have more points of reference established through experience.
Seduce her with your touch
IV.4 Touch the woman. It's what you seduce her for
Imagine that you're sitting next to a woman on a sofa, and you're touching the
great, smooth leather it is made of. Either you touch the furniture, or her. The choice is up
to you. If you don't touch her, you won't sleep with her.
If you asked – “Where should I touch a woman” my answer would be
I consider a woman's body to be one great erogenous zone. However, if we want to be
really efficient you have to follow so – called “shadow rule”. Imagine a woman standing
under a lamp, which shines right down at her. The places where shadows are created
make the erogenous zones. You will find more information about this in the Internet. They
will prove that erogenous zones and the shadow zones are one and the same.
IV.5 Stop begging
Would you trust a doctor who asked you how to cure you? I think not. Likewise,
a woman won't sleep with a man who asks her for sex.
She wants you to act like a male. And gives you chances to do it.
Don't ask a woman for permission to touch her. If you ask her in a reasonable way (for
example: “Is it all right if I hug you? I don't want to bother you... blah blah blah) you
destroy the atmosphere.
If she's interested, be a man and do what you're supposed to do.
III.6 Isolate (take her in a safe place)
If you meet her in a club, be prepared for her company. If it's a street – it's
more simple. There's no point in avoiding women's friends – you have to learn to deal
with them.
Make it all easier by making her friends (especially her best friend) like you.
Have a conversation with them. Present yourself as a normal, relaxed guy. It's important
that you're sober in a club. Reasonable persons won't leave their friend with a drunk guy.
The way you look is also crucial. Especially if it all happens very fast and you don't have
Seduce her with your touch
time to build your value in a club.
You can escalate even if she's with her friends, You can for example put your
hand on her back, touch her leg with yours (if you're sitting next to her), or touch her arm
in such a way to make her feel comfortable among her friends, but also to give you basis
for further escalation.
Isolate her as soon as it's possible. Take her to a different place in a club (“ It's
more quiet over there. Come on, let's talk.”), another club, or to a cafe nearby ( if you
meet her at the street). Isolate quickly, but do it in a predetermined purpose. You do it in
order to escalate, not to talk. Unnecessary conversation destroys the tension and causes
If she's in a larger group of friends, it's always good to talk to them. You need
to assure them of their friends safety, for example by showing the place in the club you're
going to take her to. Taking her to another place is also good way to make things more
exciting, for example during a date. New place = new energy.
Currently, I'm working on a new system, which enables you to have
sex not with the woman you're seducing but with her friend, or sister who
helps you do it. It's based on “Cold approach” - approaching a woman you don't
know. I believe it will revolutionize all the seduction philosophy (it's being field
tested now). You will no longer need to seduce women – you'll feel like they're
asking for sex.
I will give you a few basic assumptions that lie at the core of this new method:
1. A woman's life depends on sex. They are designed to have sex. But because sex is
such important to them, they care about he quality of it, and of the sexual partner.
What do you think is the reason why women (especially those wanting sex) go
together to clubs?
2. The way you talk about sex is very important, you have to use good vocabulary and
have the right attitude.
3. You have to have the right mind set – be a sexually open and determined man.
4. You have to be able to understand the structure of a group – who's the most
influential person.
Thanks to being able to act according to these assumptions, I had a threesome in 3
minutes (yes in 3 minutes). I did it with women I hadn't ever spokoen to before. It was all
Seduce her with your touch
thanks to her friend who, after a short conversation with me, took me to her two horny
friends waiting for me.
Nobody believed me when I described this situation in one of the seduction
forums. This account can now be found only in my Members Only forum.
Summing up, your imagination is your only limitation.
IV.7 Respond to her indicators of interest
If a woman sends you indicators of interest, and gives you opportunity to touch
her, don't hesitate to do it. Let it happen naturally.
These are the examples of indicators of interest sent by a woman:
− posing her body in a sexy way
− playing with her hair or jewellery
− breaking the eye contact (looking downwards or sideways, if she looks upwards
and shows you disapproval she's not interested)
− asking her friends to leave you alone
− complementing you
− asking you to repeat something she didn't hear, but in a polite way
− touching you “by accident”
− waiting for you
− following you
− looking at you if you go somewhere
− stopping doing something when you approach her
− asking “where are you going”?
− asking for your attention
− getting closer to you
− widened pupils
− deeper breath
− smiling nervously
Here's the list of IOIs. It's always nice to see her playing with her hair, you can surely
think “That's it!”. But let's shorten that list – Is she talking to you? - If yes, she's
Seduce her with your touch
IV.8 Naturalness of movement
Remember that it's good to touch. It's my frame and I suggest you take
example from me. What you're doing is good beacuase it gives her a gift – masculine
behaviour. She feels great with the endorphins released thanks to intereaction of two
people interested in each other. And it is you who made it happen. If she doesn't want to
accept this gift, give her a break – nobody likes beggars. There are 6 billion of people all
around the world, the majority of which are women. Your chances of finding a woman
delighted with you and your touch are GREAT.
You can only win thanks to touching her. If she's interested in you, even the
initial signs of disapproval can be overcome and made work for your benefit. And if she's
not, you will save a lot of time and energy which you'll be able to devote to other beautiful
Give yourself time when you're learning to seduce. Focus on the general
process as a whole, and remember that everything you do brings you closer to the
moment when touching becomes as natural as breathing. You always win – either you
succeed or you learn something.
It is thanks to all the experiences I had with women – both the nice and
unpleasant ones – that you're reading this e-book.
IV.9 Turn her on – how to drive a woman wild with desire
Sexual state – the feeling of desire, sexual excitement, sexual tension,
chemistry in her and your body. It makes everything get hot. It's the state you're in just
before kissing a woman.
You always touch a woman, who's a living creature who can subconsciously feel
your emotions. Make use of that gift she received from nature.
Why do men become “friends with penis”? Because they don't show their
sexual interest!!! They don't show that they want sex!!!
Every time you want to take the relationship with a woman to a physical level
start with sexual vibe. You'll fail if you don't do it. Picking her up by establishing emotional
connection: understanding, tenderness, long conversations about her boyfriends will get
Seduce her with your touch
you nowhere.
Unless you prefer to beg her and hope that if you help her with a broken sink she'll get
epiphany and invites you to her bedroom.
A woman who decides to have date with me always has a feeling that
everything may happen. She feels that I'm a man who'll treat her like a woman. I let her
know (right in the beginning) that I'm not her prospective friend with penis, and I don't
believe in friendship between a man and a woman. I'm a man and I'm ok with that.
A woman wants to give her friends stories like: “I forgot about whole wide
world when he kissed me...” instead of “Another kind guy who doesn't know how the
things work...”.
Summing up, now you know that you don't have to afraid of being horny – you
can use it for your benefit.
I think that most problems connected with escalating the touch and passing the
sexual state ( the touch makes it easier) have their source in the internal conflict many
people have – the conflict between what they are supposed to do and what they really
want to do. Be proud of being a man – of showing your sexual interest to a woman. It's
100% better than sipping a beer all night long. Is there anything better a woman can get
than a man who knows how to deal with her, who improves himself in many spheres of
life? We tend to forget that we're so valuable. I know that my offer is the best on the
market. Either she takes it or not ( If she doesn't, at least she doesn't waste my time).
I don't follow any particular patterns. I trust my instinct very much. I think you
can very easily pass the sexual state even if you're in a large group of people. But there's
a condition: the only people who know what's going on are you and her. You need to
construct a code of looks and gestures which only you and her understand.
Remember about isolation – there's no sexual comfort without it.
You are always able to talk to a woman in such a way that you can touch her
face, her neck with your lips (don't use your tongue yet) “by accident”, her ear, cheeks.
Positioning her in the right way makes everything easier. If you want her stand in a
particular way, just move her. If your frame is strong, you always win. Your confidence
will destroy her lack of confidence.
If you're in a group you can always position yourself in such a way that others
won't notice you caressing her hand, back, thighs or neck. It's an easy way to check if
Seduce her with your touch
she's interested in you. If she is, she will react in following ways:
− she will squeeze your hand while you caress her
− her breathing will become deeper
− she'll stop thinking rationally, won't be able to concentrate
− she'll have slips of the tongue
You can get some of these IOIs even if you're with her friends. It's because sexual
excitement is very difficult to control (Sometimes it creates funny situations). In such a
case case, isolate her as quickly as possible. You can try the sexual state on her, but only
after isolation.
I have two opinions about “looking at the touching hand” thing:
− if you do that while talking to her, and looking into her eyes (which is a must), she
cannot see it and it all becomes very natural
− You can look at your hand but do it like you were a painter who is just creating a
masterpiece. Admire her body.
The way of touching
It's supposed to be very delicate touch. If you do it with your hand use the tips
of your fingers, and touch her very slowly and delicately.
Warning! Do not put your hand on her as if you were resting it on the table. Even if you
massage her neck do it in an erotic way. It's not supposed to be therapeutical. Be careful
about the pressure you apply.
You can also use the external side of your hand. Women are very sensitive to
touch. They can tell what the type of the touch was, even if it lasted only for a moment.
Leading (introduction)
While talking to women, I like to turn them around so as to face their backs. I
like to hug them in this position. Thanks to that I have an easy access to their necks, and
every (!) woman likes to have their neck caressed. I like woman's body. I think it's a
Seduce her with your touch
masterpiece, which influences my approach to caressing it. I take great delight in being
with a woman. I enjoy “tasting” and turning her on. She can feel it, if you really like what
you're doing, or if your only purpose is to check on different points to the “love spot”.
Forget about hickeys and covering her with your saliva.
Lead her touch. Introduce her to your bodies' game.
Put your hand on her leg, buttocks, chest – the way strippers do. Make her
button your shirt, tie your tie, tie something around your neck, flick the dust from your
clothes, shave you, play with your hair. These simple activities build sexual tension
between a man and a woman.
Imagine that you're having long wild passionate sex with her. Let your
imagination carry you away.
The more attractive you find her the better. Such a visualization will help you
pass your the energy of your sexual desire to her. You can imagine an energy ball which
you are sending to her with your touch.
One of the tasks that I assigned the participants of Project Wroclaw 2 and 3,
was to think about sex all the time in the club. Their results were much better than with
neutral state of mind.
Eye contact
Look at her with desire. Don't be afraid to look at every little piece of her
beautiful body – do it as if you were admiring a masterpiece, a sports car, or a source
code of some software;) Look blatantly at her, but always with a smile.
In front of you, there's an exquisite dish to be consumed in the bed.
Don't be afraid to show your sexual desire with the way you look at her. It's not
being needy. You're needy if you restrain your desire while talking to her, because you
Seduce her with your touch
don't want to seduce her.
After some time of practice, you'll aquire an ability that I called “natural
transmission of a sexual state to a woman”. I do it automatically, through the look. I can
talk to her about something completeley sexually neutral, but because of the way I look at
her I create sexual tension.
After the tension is build, one glance is enough for her to understand what it's all about.
Another way of creating the atmosphere of excitement is to look at her mouth.
Remember about the “bermuda triangle”- looking quickly at her right eye, left eye, and
the mouth.
Use atavisms
Atavism (in this context) -
genetic conditioning. Our minds react
subconsciously to it, because we used to do it in the past - before we evolved to humans.
The examples of atavisms in man – woman relations include: unbuttoned shirt,
buttoning shirt, sniffing one another, putting hand on woman's neck, playing with her hair
fingers in it), standing behind her, adorning one's body, long hair (women),
decolletage, bare legs, bare shoulders, bare back (women) tight pants etc.
A real life example. In the club. I'm having fantastic time with a woman. You
could really feel it. At one point I sat at her, legs astride and gave her a deep look into her
eyes. She became shy, tried not to look at me, smiled a little (“What on earth is he
I started unbuttoning my shirt:
the 1st button
the 2nd button
I whisper to her ear: - Yes, it's really hapenning!
The 3rd button
I take her hand and put it under my unbuttoned shirt.
I have never seen a face looking the way her face looked:) Women don't know what do
do when they meet a man they have always dreamed of. She started touching my crotch,
but as soon as she realized what she was doing, she withdrew it. Shock:)
Of course she continued touching me and we spent the rest of the night together. In such
Seduce her with your touch
situation your physique is very important. If your chest is completely flat, you'd better
start working out. Don't look for excuses like “I don't have time to go to the gym”. You
can always practise at home, using only your body. It's what I do.
It's your advantage if you look as if you were doing some sports.
Another example. I approach a woman in a bar and start sniffing her.
She: ”what are you doing?”
Feniks: “I'm sniffing you?”
She: “Why?”
Feniks: “I need to check your smell. Maybe I'll have to get used to it.”
Talk to her in such a way, that she could feel your breath on her neck (the
neck gives you great opportunities to escalate the touch in a group. You can, in a way,
teleport yourself to the level of sexual contact with her thanks to the neck).
Remember that you have to be careful: don't pant like a horse. It's enough if you exhale
the air naturally during a conversation. If you want to caress her in a more advanced way,
you should put your mouth to her skin but leave some open space. Then, if you suck the
air, you'll create an impression of a pleasurable chill.
The talking and the words
I won't give you any routines. I don't use NLS (neurolinguistic seduction), I
didn't even try to study this method of seduction. It's not that I think it's evil or not
working – I simply find it unnecessary. I bet that evertbody who uses NLS would stop
doing it, if he could seduce women with the touch.
“Do you prefer to talk to her for half an hour , or to pull her hair to turn her on?” Style
(Neil Strauss).
I like to tell women what I want to do with them, but I do it naturally, without following
Seduce her with your touch
any pre-established patterns. A real life example:
Feniks: You know what? There are two little depressions above the buttocks
She: Yeah...
Feniks: You know what I'd do with you?
She: No...
Feniks: I would undress you and start caressing you with my tongue... Slowly in the
beginning, around those little spots, and then slowly... Close to your spine... , up to the
neck ( you can demonstrate it to her by licking her neck).
It lasts only a minute, two with the kisses, but the EFFECT is great. You can't
beat that! But you still need to have physical contact with a woman. You have to be
honest and sincere when doing that.
The tone of your voice is also very important here. Yu have to talk slower than
usually. You can pause to build up the tension. When talking about sex, think about sex,
and your voice will get the characteristic sexual vibe.
You don't have to talk all the time, and make her enjoy the conversation. Get
used to the silence. It's a natural way to build up the tension you need to seduce a
As usual, when seducing a woman, it is you who creates the tension (for example by
using silence) , and it is you who releases it (through a kiss, sex). Use the silent
periods during your conversation to create natural chemistry between you and her. As it
gets quiet, you get great opportunity to touch her, look into her eyes, look at her full red
Warning! Don't try reasonable explanations of what is going on. Let the atmosphere
carry you away. Her influence is so great that you can't do anything about it.
Treat intimacy as your ally. The faster a woman gets used to you and your
touch the better. It is why I always say that the right touch makes the best method of
seduction. Sit or stand next to her, so that your bodies are touching each other.
Choose places that enable you to do it, for example cafes, As soon as you
choose the right place - where you and her are isolated from the rest of the people - sit
Seduce her with your touch
next to her, not in front of her. It helps.
If you use all the techniques I've listed so far and she doesn't respond with
sexual excitement check her pulse. She's probably dead.
IV.10 Forget about “What will she think about me? What if she takes her arm?
What if ...(you can put other excuses here)?
Are these thoughts helpful or not? Thinking about problems causes problems.
Thinking about solutions brings solutions. Thinking about all these things will influence
your subcommunication, and the woman will feel that you want to touch her but you're
afraid to do it.
Do you think I care if she finds me attractive, or what she thinks about me? Not
at all. I don't give a damn.
Remember – you're a man, not a therapist. Stop trying to make women happy
if they don't want to. Some of them have some inner problems, or bad assumptions, and
their reactions to to the touch are bad. Some women don't make good girlfriends, good
lovers, or good friends. You should be glad if you identify such type right in the beginning.
Get rid of her as fast as possible. Your emotional energy will avoid being consumed by her
black hole. Think about it – if she doesn't like to be touched, she's probably hopeless in
Women are not stupid. Some pretend to be, but generally, they are not. They
know exactly what your up to, so if you are honest, you get rid of those who have
different view of your relationship right in the beginning. It all saves your time!
Truth is such a powerful weapon. The day I decided to be completely honest
some really extraordinary things started happening. If you're honest “the wise shit” you
want to sell her doesn't matter any more. Who you are becomes important. Real you is
the basis for everything.
IV.11 Tests – get rid of her anxieties
A confident guy who doesn't hesitate to touch usually surprises women. They often react
Seduce her with your touch
with tests. Women have anxieties because of the influence of the social program, and
because men they've met so far weren't able do deal with them properly. Here's a chart
that shows you the tests in general way.
The basic rules you should stick to when getting rid of women's anxieties
concerning the touch are:
− positive attitude to a woman. She can sense it if you're expectations towards her
are ok, and then she can trust you
− look at what her body communicates, don't concentrate on what she says
− calibrate – learn to read her body language and what she subcommunicates
− 0% of logical thinking, 100% of emotions – don't worry about reasonable thinking,
like for example: “I'm sure nobody sees us”
Woman's anxieties
“Stop touching me!”
Suggested reaction
“I see you're not in a good mood today”
“Do you always touch women you've just ”Of course:)” And you keep escalating
met that way?”
“We shouldn't”
“You're right but I can't help it. I get carried
away every time such a beautiful woman is
next to me”
“Yeah, you're right. Somebody may see us”
“My boyfriend / my friends are looking”
“Ok, let's go somewhere else”(grab her arm
and take to a more comfortable place)
She doesn't say anything, just pushes your It usually means that she agrees to have
hand away
sex but she's telling you:
a) easy, not now
b) not here
You should do your own thing
Seduce her with your touch
Women think, say, feel, and act differently.
The following article will help you deal with women's tests and doubts.
My experience with women made me draw a conclusion presented here.
There was one situation which really made me think that way.
In one of the places I applied for job, there was a woman who was 4 years older than me.
She wanted to teach me the job, but she was a bit annoying when doing that. When I got
a bit nervous I said - I'll handle it (thinking fuck off). She got angry and cut me off with
her body language. After a few months she told me that she thought – Ok, you dick – but
she felt strong sexual attraction to me.
As we dated she showed she's a hard one – giving me shit tests all the time (I
have sex every time I want blah bla bla ). I responded by looking at her like a little baby
waiting for the show to end. I didn't like her behaviour – I think my time is valuable.
There was a punishment – I ignored her for three months – I didn't even respond to text
messages containing sex propositions. When we met after 3 months she was humble like
a little lamb. She invited me to her place and we spent 3 nights in a row having sex.
A few examples:
Shit test – woman's way of checking if you're really the great kind of guy you appear to
be or you're just an ordinary loser pretending to be one. Her test may be perceived as an
IOI. If you want to buy shoes, you have to try them on.
Once, when I was qualifying her (checking if a woman meets my standards), I said –
You're such a daddy's girl. - My daddy's dead – she responded. As it turned out later, her
dad was alive, and doing great. It was just a shit test. Her body lanuahe showed that
she's interested in me – her pupils widened, she looked at my mouth now and again, but
she also shit tested me.
ASD (anti-slut defence – a way of showing she's not easy) If a girl gives the following
- I have never done this, are you a womanizer? She doesn't want to know the number of
women you've slept with, or the pattern you've been practicing all they in front of the
mirror. She only wants to check if you're not one of the guys who will treat her like an
Seduce her with your touch
object (make her pregnant and leave her alone and defenceless in a jungle full of wild
beasts). She's communicating you something. She wants you to provide her with a good
excuse, so that her mind could accept you, even though the sociobiological conditioning
tells her to watch out.
LMR (last minute resistance the last barrier you have to overcome before having sex –
she doesn't want to be perceived as easy by you and herself) You're sure that you're
going to have sex but suddenly she says: - We shouldn't (meaning “Do something so that
I could have sex with you”). Still, her body trembles, she's getting more and more excited,
moist, warm, and soft. If you are honest with a woman, her LMR goes away.
If women talk with one another they concentrate on their feelings concerning
the topic of the conversation. One of them wants to know what the other feels. When
talking about porn, they concentrate on their feelings when watching it – not on the
series, labels, or the names of the actors like guys do.
If a man talks to a man he slightly ever asks – How do you feel about that?
What did you feel at the moment? When you go to a mechanic you ask him about the cost
of the repair, and when it's going to be ready. You don't care about your mechanic's
emotional attitude to your gears, or what his day was like. You may ask out of politeness,
but you'll soon forget the answer.
If you remember about the main thesis, it will be easier for you to pass all the
shit tests and to make your relationship better. If you get into the woman's emotional
roller-coaster, you'll lose because you'll put yourself in the role of the responding beta
( Beta mail – the weaker male – a man with low self – esteem and social value).
Empathy is ok. The problem begins when you don't see the difference between a selfesteem and feelings. A woman may cry in the morning, laugh at noon, get angry in the
afternoon, and get excited in the evening. Sometimes the source of her emotions is
situated somewhere else. If you respond to it, pay too much attention to her moods,
subconsciously she may perceive you as a loser, who's easy to play with, and you'll feel
awful about it. The best way to deal with this emotional swing is simply to wait. A hug,
stroke, sweet talking will also do, as long as you separate her feelings from your self –
esteem. If you feel that it's your fault, and you should apologize, do it. But do it only
because you feel that it will make your conscience clear. If you do it only because you
Seduce her with your touch
want to earn something, you put yourself in a very difficult situation.
Lack of response - it's when you stand firm no matter what. Nothing can destroy your
It's the best way to pass all the shit tests. The lesser you do the better. I'll give you a
good example. Thanks to my lack of response I made love to a woman 10 minutes after
meeting her.
It's only a fragment, you'll find the rest in the end of the e-book.
She says:
− … I'm sure you do it every saturday
− … Haven't you catch anything? (Feniks: “No, I'm a big boy.”)
− … I have a boyfriend, a few actually ( Feniks: “Ok” + no judging, no emotional
− … When was the last time you've had sex?
− ...etc. etc.
I responded mainly by saying “Ok” or “Yes” but without hesitating. She was looking in my
eyes all the time, but I kept saying “Ok” and never looked downwards. I didn't show a tiny
bit of emotion or of being judgemental (for example by saying: how can you have a few
boyfriends?! [I think it was a lie – her body language showed it]). The 90% of my
responces was saying “yes”.
Remember - No matter what she does you stay firm. Don't respond. The less you do the
The red hair (28): We're not going to fuck.
Feniks: There are many other ways to have good fun.
To make it clear: lack of response doesn't consist only in saying “Ok”. It's all about being
confident about what you're doing, and where it leads to. You need to behave like a
parent, who remains indifferent to his child's silly behaviour, but keeps carrying out
preestablished plan. To really understand it, is to concentrate on “why?” it is working, not
“how?”. As soon as you understand “why”, you'll stop following other people's advice
blindly. It will enable you to adapt their techniques to your own style. You should always
Seduce her with your touch
think and act on your own. I don't want you to copy me. I want you to make the most of
all the information contained in this e-book.
V. Conclusion
You have just learned all the rules that govern my relations with women. It is thanks to
them that I'm successful. I trust that you won't abuse the knowledge I'm giving you. If
you decide to make use of it, then congratulations. You'll also become successful.
If you have any questions concerning escalating the touch, or you want to
improve your relations with women, or other aspects of your life, feel free to get in touch
with me.
e-mail: feniks.pua@gmail.com
+48 792 485 410
facebook profile: http://pl-pl.facebook.com/FeniksPUA
my polish website: www.feniks-uwodzenie.pl
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Seduce her with your touch
VI. Bonus 1: The kiss
Some people say that as soon as a man and a woman kiss for the first time, she knows
what type of relationship they're going to have. Having this in mind, it's reasonable to pay
some attention to the the kiss.
Read this text and learn to be a man whose kisses become something women will dream
I take it for granted that you remember about such basics as keeping mouth
hygiene. In order to protect yourself, and your partner, against any infections it's good to
use some pills killing bacteria in your mouth. Consult your physician and ask him to help
you choose the right ones.
You should also take care of your lips - you may use some special cream that
will protect them from getting dry.
It's better to start kissing her only with your lips (without the toungue). This is
the safer option which enables you to find the way of kissing that will be good for both of
you. There are some women who don't like to have their mouths penetrated with a man's
tongue. There'll be an opportunity for this too;) It's good to relax the muscles in your face
– it's easier to adjust to each other.
She kisses the way she wants to be kissed. It's also her way of showing you
how she wants her body to be caressed. Adjust yourself to her. Don't fight her. After a
moment of kissing be able to change the way you're doing it.
If her kisses are very delicate – she uses only her lips and sucks yours from
time to time – she shows you the way she wants you to touch her body. Copy the way she
touches your body. Kiss her the way she kisses you. This kind of kissing makes it not only
comfortable, but also takes you to another level of desire.
If she kisses you in a very aggressive way – uses wet kisses, sucks your
tongue, licks your neck and behind your ear – do the same.
I usually kiss her the same way I touch her. I begin with the mouth and the
neck, go to the chest and the belly, then to the inner side of her thighs, and the other way
You have to build up tension, and the last thing you should do is to release it.
The atmosphere will automatically take you to another level.
Seduce her with your touch
The closer you are to releasing the tension – without actually doing it – the
more you build it up.
One of the things I do with my mouth, while I could do it with my hands, is kissing her
erogenous zones – the neck, the chest, the inner side of thighs – and the other way
round. Start delicately, apply more pressure later on.
As most things in the world – the kiss has its own rhythm. Find your and your
partner's common rhythm. Don't worry if you can't do it in the beginning. It can always
get better.
The rhythm of a kiss usually has the character of a sinusoid; up, down, up
down, deep, shallow, deep.
Be careful about the biting. In the beginning you can only try to hold her lower
lip with your teeth.
The saliva. Try to get rid of excessive saliva before the kiss. The are women who like very
“wet” kisses but you have to check it on your own.
Here are some “tutorials”:
Seduce her with your touch
VII. 1 Bonus 2: Field Report (an account from a seduction) – using earlier
described methods of escalating the touch – the Model
To show you how everything I write about works in practice, I'll tell you a story.
Once, in the club, I got a phone number from an astonishingly beautiful woman without
using any sentence or pattern.
After that I kept escalating the touch, making her hotter and hotter, and thanks to that I
discovered that there are no rules nor limits, and you can do whatever you want;-)
I'm giving you this account for two reasons:
− you can see the essence of what I do presently
− I applied the same knowledge I give guys during my workshops
Me and Mat are having good time in one of the best clubs in Warsaw. Both of
us perfectly know what's it all about – we are aware of the game and of the impression
we make since we said hello to the bouncers and came inside. The moment we're
approaching the bar a waitress stops us and suggests taking a table reserved for
somebody else. They're also aware of the game, and know that some tough competitors
have just arrived. It's a common belief that people come to the club to pay for a chair or
vodka – it's nonsense. People come to clubs to pay for social value. Remember that. We
start collecting phone numbers right in the beginning. But it's not our goal today (they are
a bit different...;)
We get a lot of IOIs from the women passing by.
Next to the bar, 2 meters away from our table, there are two girls. One is a
ravishing SHB (super hot babe – undoubted 10/10) , the second one is HB8. A whole army
of men approaches them – they try to pick them up, buy them drinks. The HB8 starts
dancing on the bar.
Keeping to the rule – Be different than any other guy – we're ignoring them for now –
timing is everything. The HB10 is taking pictures of us, and smiles to us. She tries to
draw our attention to her. But we don't react. Only for now.
Suddenly, our eyes meet. I'm looking at her just the way a male looks at a
female. And the time stops. I smile, I can feel the intense communication we're having on
the subconsciouss level. It is a very basic, primitive level of sexual energy. Her look is
becoming more and more blurred, her pupils widen... as if she was in trance... After a
Seduce her with your touch
moment she looks downwards... But I know that the game has started.
A moment later her friend approaches me She sticks a piece of paper into my
hand and says: - this is my sister's phone number. It was the 10's phone number and it
wasn't her siter;)
I call her 15 minutes later. F**k the rules – you should do everything
that can make you successful.
Me and my friend are changing clubs. Would you like to join us? - I asked
Finally, we decided to meet at a restaurant in the marketplace where we could talk in
comfortable conditions.
On the next day, Gosia (that was the beauty's name) calls me, using a different
number, to make sure that I come. I ensured her about it, and said that I'd wait no longer
than 15 minutes. She appears 3 minutes before the exact time of our appointment. It's
easy to notice that she's put a lot of effort to look sexy to me. I say hello, shake her hand,
pull her towards me and kiss her cheek. She kisses me back. This way of greeting is
natural for me. She can feel that I'm a confident man who knows what to do when he
meets a beautiful woman. My frame (the way I see reality) dominates. The stronger
frame always wins.
Then I lead her touch – I take her arm and put it under mine. I say – You have
to learn how to behave;) We look like a couple. Instead of giving her logical explanations I
give her opportunity to:
− sort out a few things about me in her mind
− be perceived as my girlfriend. I put her in “my girlfriend” role right in the beginning.
I give her identity which determines specific beaviour. She's in my reality. And I'm a
leader here.
While we're walking, I ask her 3 questions, thanks to which I'm able to check if she meets
my standards of a woman I can get more intimate with. Remember that you deal with
another human being, sex is only an addition. It may be fascinating but still, it remains an
The answers to the questions that are important to you form a good base for a
relationship that can be beneficial to you. I listen to her carefully and check if her answers
are clear and plausible, whether they are coherent with her body language, I pay attention
do the micro gestures she makes, the energy she is sending and compare it to my
Seduce her with your touch
standards all the time.
Such an attitude reverses the hierarchy of man-woman relations. Now, you choose. You
can always have a beautiful body but I believe you want something more if you are
reading this book.
After we leave an Oriental restaurant, I choose a place where we can really feel
comfortable. I sit next to her. There should be no obstacles such as a table that
divides you, very loud people at the table nearby, a place near the entrance
where you can expect lot of people passing by. A candle would be a welcome
Then I ask her about her experiences with men. - It can't be your first date. I
wonder what your rules concerning dating are;) (she broke almost all of them during our
date) tell me about them now, this way we'll save a lot of time.
Gosia: A man shouldn't cross certain physical barrier during the first meeting. I've had
different propositions. Some guys even suggested sex on the first date etc.
Feniks: Ok, close your eyes.
She grumbled a little, closed her eyes and opened them
Feniks: It's such a pleasure to meet you for the second time
Keep asking questions she has never heard before. Be genuinely interested in
what she does. Ask her about what you really want to know. She'll appreciate it. At the
same time, keep checking her. Remember that it is really you who's the most valuable
asset on the market. Is there anyboby who's better than a guy who devotes his time,
energy, and money to improving himself and his relations with women?
She starts doing mirroring – copies my body language. It's an indicator of
interest. I adjust. It makes communication easier. If you also do mirroring as far as the
body lanuage and the way of communication (the pace and the way of talking) are
concerned, you'll understand each other in a better way, no matter the circumstances.
I build up sexual tension – I keep telling her that I find her very attractive,
point at different parts of her body, and tell her what I would do to her if we were alone.
Her reaction proved that I should keep going.
Gosia: Stop it or I'll have to go (I could see she's not going anywhere[she said that
because of the way women are brought up in our society – they are advised to pretend
that they are offended in such situations, even though they aren't, or they will be
Seduce her with your touch
perceived as easy ones] but she couldn't admit that what I tell her, the way I tell her that,
the way I play with her body and cuddle her turns her on su much.
Feniks: Ok, do what you want, I won't ask you to stay. I've made a choice to be here –
you're a free person and you can do the same.(To get a woman, you have to be
willing to risk losing her. It always works but only if you really are prepared to
risk losing her)
What she thinks about all that is happening is not that important. What really
matters is the opinion you and other people will develop about her.
We go out of a nice cafe. It's natural to hold woman's hand. I've noticed that
after a woman kisses she usually wants to establish some sort of physical contact, like
holding hands, cuddling during a walk, etc. As we walk she keeps saying: “I hate you, I
hate you...”
The evening is warm, the sky is clear and beautiful, so we take a walk to a park
We meet her friends on our way. Small talking.
We keep going but make pauses for passionate kisses every now and then.
There's a day in every woman's life when she doesn't care about what other
people think about her. It's up to you to make her spend that day with you.
You're a great kisser, I hate you even more – she kept saying things like that
over the course of the whole evening.
We sat on a bench. She started playing cat-string again - she moved back every
time I tried to kiss her. I know the rules of the game, I can wait, I have all the time in the
world. Most men push too hard, they want to go though such situations as fast as
possible. Because of that they get nervous. Most women perceive their nervousness as
agression and an indicator of low value. If you remain calm, she'll follow you. By being
confident you let things happen naturally – whether you'll have sex in 5
minutes, or the next day, is not important when compared to the value of this
exciting experience. The lack of interest that I showed her proved to be the best thing
I could do. Next, I kept escalating the touch. 2 steps forward, 1 step backward.
We spent the rest of the warm evening enjoying each other the way people
sitting on the bench in a park can do.
Seduce her with your touch
A few weeks later I was visting one of the more popular portals to watch some videos,
and suddenly I saw her in one of them. She didn't mention she worked as a model.
VII. 2 Bonus 3: Field Report – Fast sex in less than 10 minutes.
Only for Adults
I went to a club last weekend. I went alone, thinking “come what way, I'm open to
everything”. I always carry a condom in my pocket (you should always be prepared). I
went there and waited for something interesting to happen. I won't give you details about
everything that happened that night, though things were interesting.
But here's the essence.
To feel the atmosphere of this FR I suggest you listen to Crazy Town's “Players”. The
whole FR is in the atmosphere of Project Wroclaw. If you're going to come to the next
Project Wroclaw, this account will surely motivate you.
The whole process – from meeting a woman to having sex with her – lasted no
more than 10 minutes. Quickly, dynamically. No problems.
I took a seat on a bar stool. She was sitting next to me. Attractive woman with
red hair. I look at her, she smiles. I smile. We look at each other. The game has begun.
Feniks: Is my face dirty? Why are you looking at me this way? ;) (smiling, in a relaxed
Redhead (28): No:)
We had a chit chat that lasted no more than a minute:”Do you come here often?”, etc
A song she liked began. She took me to the dance floor.
Redhead: “Wanna dance?”
Feniks: “Ok”. She took my hand and we went to the dance floor.
It was a sexual dance. I had a hard on right away. Good sign.
If you're afraid of the dance floor, you shouldn't be. You don't need to be a
great dancer.
It's not “Dancing with the stars” casting. It's ok if you know a few moves and are able to
keep the rhythm, which you can learn.
Seduce her with your touch
She starts rubbing my crotch more and more intensively. We look in each
other's eyes, at lips. Then we kiss. Her tongue is SO looooooooooooooooooong. She's a
great kisser – her kiss is very intensive. I came at that point and there was no sex:/
KIDDING! Read on...
We danced and kissed for no more than 2 minutes. Then I grabbed her arm,
pressed her against the wall and continued kissing. I put my leg between hers and started
rubbing her crotch – in order to stimulate her clitoris.
Redhead: We're not going to fuck today. I'm not that kind of girl (or something of that
Feniks: Ok, let's do it tomorrow.
Redhead: No. Neither tomorrow.
Feniks: Ok. Let's go to the club nearby.
Redhead: Why?
Feniks: Relax, I won't fuck you there.
Redhead: But my friends are here.
Feniks: You'll be back in a moment.
She kept saying something like I'm sure you do it with every other girl . I admitted – why
I took her hand and headed towards another club.
As we were walking, she kept addressing me using my name, but I can't remember hers. I
must have missed it while she introduced to me.
On our way to the club I press her against the wall, kiss her, rub her pants so
as to stimulate her clit. I tell her she's a great kisser (She: I like it the hard way). I really
admired her.
It's important that you express your admiration in such situations – sexual abilities are
very important survival skills so if you complement her on them, she will open faster than
she would if you marvelled at her favourite colour, or iberoamerican literature. Badboy has
a nice saying: “If you teach a girl to do a good blowjob, you also teach her some very
important survival skill.” ( I heard it during his workshop in Croatia).
We enter another club. It's crowded. We spent no more than 30 seconds on the
Seduce her with your touch
dance floor.
It's now or never – I take her hand and head towards ladies' room. It's always
better to choose ladies' room because men's room are usually more dirty and there are
lots of drunk guys there.
When I recall this situation, I know that I had the best state of mind I could
have had.
I was cool, calm and collected. It all came naturally. No inner dialogues. Marvelous.
I stop her in the corridor separating the ladies' room from the rest of the club,
and turn her on.
She says:
− … I'm sure you do it every saturday
− … Haven't you catch anything? (Feniks: “No, I'm a big boy.”)
− … I have a boyfriend, a few actually ( Feniks: “Ok” + no judging, no emotional
− … When was the last time you've had sex?
− ...etc. etc.
I responded mainly by saying “Ok” or “Yes” but without hesitating. She was looking in my
eyes all the time, but I kept saying “Ok” and never looked downwards. I didn't show a tiny
bit of emotion or of being judgemental (for example by saying: how can you have a few
boyfriends?! [I think it was a lie – her body language showed it]). The 90% of my
responces was saying “yes”.
Remember - No matter what she does you stay firm. Don't respond.
Redhead (28): We're not going to fuck.
Feniks: There are many other ways to have good fun.
Then I open the door from the ladies' room. It's a good club – it's clean and tidy, the
clients are ok. One of the boxes is locked. A woman stands in another one but she's
leaving. I give her a “get out, you know what's it all about” look. She understood
everything and politely excused herself. I lock the door. The lock is very solid ( unlike my
game). I press her against the wall. The box is large and spacious – as if designed for that
kind of stuff.
Seduce her with your touch
Redhead: We're not going to fuck. (Should I treat it as an IOI in future?;))
I put my hand on her crotch. She gets even more excited. I unfasten my pants and put
her hand in it. She starts giving me a handjob. I unfasten her pants and start fingering
her. She's very tight. I don't know how I managed to get in up to this day.
Redhead: Have you got a condom?
Quiz time!!
What does Feniks do if a girl without panties ask if he has a condom?
− negs her (Nice nails, are they real?)
− cold reads her, so–called truisms (You look like somebody who's shy and brave at the
same time)
− put's it on, answers the – What do you do? question, and takes her from behind.
And the right answer is... C! I take the condom out of my pocket, but she says: If you
don't do a girl every saturday then what do you need the condom for? ( F..k! It's wrong to
have a condom, and it's wrong NOT to have one :D)
I stand there, with a condom on my penis (sic!), my pants down my ankles, and she says
that she's a white collar worker and never does such things. Then she asks: - What do
you do?
Feniks: I do trainings...
Redhead: What kind of trainings?
Feniks: Motivation trainings...( I don't know why this idea came to my mind – I laughed
like a drain in front of my laptop).
Another proof for the belief that women like to have sex with social status.
I turn her around and take her from behind. I love the moment a woman grabs
my penis and sticks it into her vagina. She's like an animal. Her ass is great, she smells
great, I love the way she bends over.
We're done. We talk and kiss a little. Somebody wants to come in.
Redhead: I have never fucked a stranger in a toilet.
Feniks: Think of me as a gift.
Redhead: Yeah, I have never had such a great present for my birthday.\
We keep on talking, I think the topic was this situation. I'm not sure. Iwas
putting my pants on. First things first.
Redhead keeps telling: ”I'm a white collar worker.”
Seduce her with your touch
Feniks: I'm sure you look sexy in it.
Redhead: (smile)
Feniks: Ok, let's do it this way: you're going back to your friends. I'll stay here and won't
come back there, so that nobody noticed what happened. Promise me that you won't tell
anybody about what happened here.
Redhead: You're really good. Have a good fun and do another one.
As we were leaving the box, both of us sweaty ( at one point we thought that maybe the
lock had stuck), we noticed about 8 girls queueing up.
The look of their faces was priceless. One of them was only able to say – uh lala!!!
One last kiss (she appreciated me – she said “thank you”:)) and she disappeard
somewhere in the crowd. I stayed and drank a pineapple juice (very funny...). I was really
exhausted because of her.
It's always better to have too little than too much. I knew that I had to
continue leading and it was up to me to separate us. It should supposed to be a great
adventure – not a difficult conversation between two people who had sex few minutes
after they met.
What's more, an interesting thing happened. Usually I'm very tired after sex,
but this time I was full of energy. The interchange between the two of us must have been
perfect. That night I had only 3 hours of sleep but I felt great the next day.
As I went back to the club where I met Redhead we exchanged looks and
smiles with the guy in the cloakroom. He knows what it's all about – he saw me with
different women many times.
I tell him I'm going to a different club.
The guy: Another one?;)
Feniks: You know, people should behave in a certain way. Now I cannot go back there
because her friends could understand everything and eat her alive. I want her to feel
The fact that I changed clubs is very important here. SHE didn't have to be afraid of her
Seduce her with your touch
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