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Study Guide - Physics - May 2023

Study Guide - Physics
Structure of Examination:
● MCQ (60%): 30 questions form any of the listed topics
● FRQ (40%): 3 - 4 questions from any of the listed topics
1. Hooke’s Law
a. Limit of Proportionality
2. Turning Effect of Forces
a. Moments
b. Center of Mass
c. Stability
3. Pressure
a. Pressure in Solids
b. Pressure in Liquids
4. General Wave Properties
a. Describing Wave Motion
b. Wave Terms
c. Wave Behaviour
d. Diffraction of waves
e. Sound waves
5. Light
a. Reflection of light
b. Refraction of light
c. Dispersion of light
d. Electromagnetic Spectrum
6. Magnetism
a. Laws of magnetism
b. Magnetic properties of matter
c. Methods of magnetization & demagnetization
7. Electricity
a. Current
b. Electromotive force
c. Potential difference
d. Resistance
e. Circuit Diagrams
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