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Justine? Naririnig ba ako?
Masama man ang panahon ngayon dahil sa bugso ng malakas na pag
ulan, pero ipagpapatuloy parin natin.
For our Weather Update, 21st Century Literacy Skills and Teaching
Resources there are 5 components
Student-Led Learning ( Cooperative Learning)
It is also known as cooperative learning in which students work together in small groups
to help each other learn academic contents.
Examples of student -led learning is
Teaching Large Groups
Inquiry-Based Classroom Environment
It is sometimes termed "discovery" "heuristic" and “problem solving” method. It is an
approach to learning that emphasizes the learning process.
Collaborative Activities
is the educational approach of using groups to enhance learning through working together.
For example:
Drama and role play
HOTS Activities
- A series of important competencies that
individuals can utilize in order to
improve learning progress and critical
Here are the Ten Teaching Strategies to Enhance Higher Order Thinking
Skills in Your Student
Help determine what higher order thinking is.
Connect Concepts
Teach students to infer.
Encourage questioning.
Use graphic organizers.
Teach problem- solving strategies.
Encourage creative thinking.
Use mind movies.
Teach students to elaborate their answers.
Teach QARs
Creative Learning
It is the process of acquiring knowledge and abilities using creative process. In other
words, creating theories, tests, stories, solutions, analysis, and designs as opposed
to simply trying to memorize information.
That’s for our weather update, maulan ulan na panahon. back to you guys.