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Noli Mi Tangere essay

"The Noli Me Tangere" is a novel written by Dr. Jose Rizal, a Filipino hero who possesses the
characteristics of an exemplary citizen. In this novel, Rizal portrays the problems of society during the
Spanish colonization of the Philippines.
Through the characters in the novel, Rizal shows the exploitation and oppression of the Filipinos by the
Spaniards. This depicts the lack of justice and freedom, and the suffering of the Filipinos brought by the
However, Rizal does not only present the problems in the novel, but also the solutions to resolve them.
He emphasizes the importance of unity and critical thinking to bring about change in society.
Overall, "The Noli Me Tangere" is not just a novel, but a masterpiece that emphasizes unity, justice, and
freedom. It is a good example of valuing our history and culture as Filipinos.