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Statement of Purpose
Chosen Programme of Study: MSC Management with Project Management
Section 1: Personal Information and Background
(max 350 words)
I am Muhammad Sarfraz Mansha S/O Muhammad Mansha. Date of birth is 17th July 1996 .I
am 26 yrs of age .I am resident of Lahore,Pakistan. Lahore is known as historical and
cultural city of Pakistan .My father is a businessman and family will cooperate during my
education. I passed BSc Aviation Technology from The Superior College ,Lahore in 2021
with 2.08/4.00 and 61%.I did diploma in mechanical and instrument and Technology from the
Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore in 2015 with 2171/3500 and 62%.I passed
Matriculation from the board of intermediate & secondary education ,Gujranwala in 2012 with
471/1050 with 44% .I was educated and assessed in English from school to professional
practice. I have been working as HR manager with Vocal Technologies since 2021 .I feel
enthusiasm on navigating the complex challenges and solutions. Sequential analysis
energizes me within the planned time frame .I prefer to perform intelligently with dedication
13/24hrs a day. My professional learning has enhanced eagerness to gain skill.I love to
utilize leisure time in badminton, cooking and travelling.
Section 2: BPP and Your Chosen Programme of Study
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Why Choose UK?
The United Kingdom is a well-known country because of their long records in all over the global. The culture of
UK is adaptable due to human beings from extraordinary cultures. I like to explore exceptional cultures and
study from them. The cricket team of UK is one of the first-class team and that i clearly like to experience their
the United Kingdom academic establishments all provide excessive quality teaching, and their lecturers are all
pinnacle-tier experts. United kingdom higher education gives global-magnificence studies environments,
inspiring coaching, and excellent facilities. So it truly is why I determined to select my higher schooling in the
UK. it's something extra to don't forget when selecting a university for my better training. The schooling system
is virtually clean for students to adopt and examine intensive of their applicable subjects.
Why Choose BPP?
BPP’s ranked 2nd place against the Russell Group of 24 leading universities in terms of employing UK
postgraduate students in highly skilled occupations. Studying at BPP makes me ready for employment by
equipping me with practical world skills and industry exposure such that when I graduate, after the selection of
the country, it’s a really hard decision for me to choose the right university for my further studies. BPP is global
leader in education. They focus on developing skills in problem solving, weighing up arguments, critical
thinking and commercial awareness, their courses are designed to prepare us for the real-life challenges of
the working world. The well-known BPP business programs have campuses in London, Birmingham, and
Manchester, among other cities in the UK. While University of Chester and CCCU offer traditional academic
approach to teaching and are recognized for their engineering and technology programs, BPP University is
renowned for its practical, career-focused approach to education.
Why Choose MSC Management with project Management?
My previous educational route is not relevant to my choose degree however I want to gain the knowledge as a
undertaking management after pursuing and finishing this degree from University of BPP, as it's my choice to
open up variety of opportunities for myself apart from teaching and i believe this path will offer simulated
learning, publications depended on by means of industry, taught by experts, no longer simply tutors and
specialist careers recommendation. BPP school is expert in challenge management examine from industry
leaders with actual world revel in. experts within the discipline will produce gaining knowledge of materials
which are utilized in one hundred fifty nations throughout the globe. MSC Management with project
Management degree will help me in developing a deeper expertise of the enterprise whilst retaining a
international angle.
furthermore, international graduates have notably greater work options in Pakistan than local graduates, with
foreign diploma holders commanding more compensation and special job marketplace blessings. At BPP
college my desired modules that I need to research like, main and growing people, managing application and
Product. college of BPP guides are designed to combine the present day theoretical developments in selected
difficulty areas. After reading a master of project control degree from the university of BPP, i would be able to
practice management fundamentals to investigate, design, and execute models the use of appropriate
techniques and equipment, implemented in an expansion of contexts. A master's diploma from college of BPP
will expand my vital wondering technique, and i would be capable of apply theoretical commercial enterprise
and technical know-how, and capabilities to evaluate complicated accounting & enterprise issues.
Section 3: Your Future Career
(max 350 words)
Future Goals?
After completing master in Management with Project Management I will come lower back to
my Country and begin my activity as a task Engineer inside the production businesses like
mian construction & builders because it has a enormous task possibilities in my country. The
take a look at of task management will help me to find out about coping with distinctive
projects and that I can be hired on an amazing role and that i can be capable of put my
observe knowledge for the betterment of my own Country. I can earn 1800-2000 Pounds
it'll be an amazing funding of time and money to have a look at at BPP university and got
here returned to my homeland and work for Pakistan.
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