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Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter: Tips
What is a Cover Letter?
A Cover Letter serves as your introduction to the prospective employer
and includes a summary of why you are the best candidate for the
A Cover Letter serves the following basic purposes:
1. To serve as a business letter to explain your interest in the position
2. To introduce you, your intentions and your background to an employer
3. To make the employer want to read more about you in your resume and to get
you an interview
Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter
● Personalize the letter whenever possible; address your letter to the
individual responsible for filling the position.
● Have someone you trust (teacher, parent, friend, employment counselor)
proofread your cover letter. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are
● Write it in your own words so that it sounds natural.
● Follow rules of layout and format of a standard business letter.
● Describe your skills and abilities as they relate to the specific job.
● Give some good examples that describe what you can offer the company.
● Keep your letter brief and to the point.
● Close with an invitation for an interview or appointment.
● Remember to tell the employer how and when they can reach you.