Who do we look up to (World Literature)

Bayns, Trixia Mae N.
31 – BSA – 01
Who do we look up to
Enumerate at least 5 of your favorite literature character
Tell me something about him / her
Give at least 3 characteristics they have
What made you love this character.
Due: 2022-10-14 19:00:00
Points: 30
I’ve always been a bookworm who enjoys reading and watching movies, series, and other
literary works. Throughout my twenty years of existence, here are some of the literature
characters that I love and look up whom inspired me the most.
J.K. Rowling's Hermione Granger from the series Harry Potter series is my all-time
favorite among the most inspirational fictional figures. I've been eyeballing her as one of
the strongest female character in the world of fiction. Throughout the series, Hermione
was seen as kid up until adolescence, as a driven and aspirational young woman who
has her own carefully thought-out opinion on everything, most of all on controversial
topics, and refuses to be silenced by others. Even when challenged with prejudice due to
her heritage, she responds with dignity. She was born as a muggle-born, meaning
magician with non-magician parents. She also possesses the commendable trait of being
authentic and genuine to herself rather than seeking to earn the praise of others. Most
of all, like me, she enjoys reading a lot. Throughout the book, she uses her brains and
fast thinking to support her pals.
Elizabeth Bennet, the primary protagonist of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice, is
yet another tremendously inspiring fictional person to emulate. Elizabeth is a clever,
funny, and smart young woman who takes pride in her ability to properly discern other
people, correctly identify other people's oneself and assess their motivations. She is
recognized as one of the author's most endearing creations and one of the most popular
characters in British literature. She is a brave and modern lady with forward-thinking
views who refuses to conform to society's expectations, and her persona personifies
feminism. As a result, she is frequently recognized as one of the most inspiring literary
figures for contemporary women.
Matilda Wormwood was another wonderful figure I adored. She is a fictitious character
created by Roald Dahl who is also acknowledged as the author's most inspirational
heroine in one of the most successful children's novels, Matilda. Although Matilda was
just a young kid, she is incredibly and exceptionally smart. Matilda, who is often
regarded as a role model by young bookworms, is an optimist. She have a way of
thinking that no matter how awful your life becomes, you can always find a silver line as
a fantastic sanctuary awaits for your comfort. This shelter may be found in a variety of
places, even the least expected ones, including reading, companionship, and love. A
strong independent kid she is who does not let or allow others to push her down, but
instead fights back against the unfair system, becoming an unlikely hero who utilizes her
creativity to combat force. She tells us that we control our own fate.
Another one on my list of the most enduring and inspirational fictional characters I aspire
to be like is Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird who is
undoubtedly another standout figure. Finch, an honorable, kind, and brave guy, a man
of his words who decides to unconditionally uphold his beliefs and conscience even
when they conflict with those of the society he lives in. One of his legacy that I admire the
most was that he was a great teacher as he tried to impart his principles to his kids, one
of which is believing in racial equality. He serves as an example for many of us and
demonstrates the importance of doing the right thing above doing what is just merely
Last but not the least, Katniss Everdeen who is the main character and narrator in
Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series. She is a fierce woman and a strong fictional
character that is definitely more mature than her age. She is responsible and is indeed
selfless for her family that she tribute herself just to protect them. She is rebellious and
breaks several regulations in order to care for her family, which is her entire universe.
She is a very inspiring fictional character that urges readers to overcome all obstacles in
order to reach their goals.