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Fictional Story! Your task is to create a story using fictional characters. Inside this story you will create characters for different items that can be found in a first aid kit. You will create a plot line that is appropriate and has to do with first aid in some way. Using your story, you will describe the first aid scenario and the characters in the way that they would be portrayed in real life. Your story must have: ~ At least 2 characters ~ A first aid situation (can have more than 1) ~ At least 10 sentences (but most people will use more). Your characters can be based off of any of the following items: ~ Gauze ~ Medical Tape ~ Band-­‐aid ~ Ace Bandage ~ Gloves ~ Antibiotic Ointment ~ Tweezers ~ Scissors ~ Safety Pins ~ Cold Pack ~ Flashlight ~ Blanket ~ Neosporin ~ Inhaler ~ Epi-­‐pen USE YOUR IMAGINATION! J YOU ALL HAVE ONE!