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The hardest and the strangest languages in the world

The hardest languages in the world.
There are such complex languages that cause
difficulties even for the most experienced linguists
and polyglots. And some of them are even
included in the Guinness Book of Records.
The language of a small mountainous South
Dagestan people. He got into the Guinness Book
of Records.
The second place is Arabic.
There are dozens of varieties of Arabic, which
are usually classified by region or country. These
varieties can be radically different from each
The first place is Chinese
This language is a real challenge
even for polyglots.
Over the history of several
millennia, 85,568 hieroglyphs
have been invented, which are
collected in a 40-volume
The strangest languages in the world.
A language on
the verge of
extinction, as its
last speakers
refuse to talk to
each other.
The inhabitants of the Canary
Archipelago communicate in the
language of Silbo Homer.
In fact, it is a whistling form of
the Spanish dialect, where
vowels and consonants are
replaced by whistling sounds of
different tonality and height.
A language with 1.5
million verb endings.
Is the language of the
inhabitants of the
village of Archib in
Knowledge of a foreign language opens
up new perspectives for a person.
Traveling, work, communication, moving
are several reasons that motivate us to
learn another language. Learning a new
language is a great activity for the brain.