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NANDA WORKUP WORKSHEET: (What is the priority issue facing your patient?)
Related Nursing Diagnosis
Related To: This is the patho of the underlying disease, why you picked this FHP/nursing diagnosis. Do not put AEB ( abnormal
cues) in this section or medical diagnosis.
Priority Assessment for this NANDA Please put what you would need to assess ( your priority assessment) related to the FHP
and Nursing diagnosis selected.
As evidenced by (or current normal for ‘Risk For’ Nanda): This is the prove it to me section. Please put the abnormal values
down that prove this is a concern in the AEB section below.
Abnormal Objective Cues
Abnormal Subjective Cues
Abnormal Priority Lab Values and Diagnostic Test
What will the team be working to accomplish with regards to this NANDA? Outcomes should be SMART…Specific, Measureable,
Achieveable, Reasonable, and Time-limited. Suggested format is By____________ the patient will_________________.
Interventions….How will the above outcomes be achieved? What would/could/should be done to move the patient toward the
outcomes? Interventions should include ACT ….assessments, care, and teaching.
Priority Nursing Intervention and/
or Responsibilities Specific to this
Patient and this FHP/NANDA.
The Interventions should be placed
in priorities. For example, the first
interventions should generate
solutions to your patient’s
abnormal cues or provide needed
assessments. The last interventions
should be ones that is ok to do and
may be necessary to maintain
Please do not forget that your
outcomes must also be addressed
how will the above outcomes be
achieved. What would/could/should
be done to move the patient toward
the outcomes?
Rationale for Nursing Intervention
Document Source with page #for each
This is the patho of why you are doing this
intervention. Please use your med/surg and
patho book to fill out this section. This
must be specific to your patient’s disease
process and why you are employing this
Evaluation/Analysis …Mark the time you
completed the intervention and give an analysis
or evaluation of its effectiveness. What signs
point to improving/declining/ unchanged status?
• Were the interventions effective?
• Would other interventions have been
more effective