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Research Introduction

Research Introduction
Each section should have 2 paragraphs. For each paragraph you want to have between
4-6 sentences.
Famous Scientist
In this section, you are trying to find background information about the person/topic. For
example, you want to add in your background section how did this person get this idea
to do this study? Here are some questions that can help you in writing this section.
Why was this person interested in this topic?
Where were they born?
Did their environment have an influence on them?
Where did they go to school? What did they study?
What country are they from?
Did they have any hobbies?
In this section, you are looking for information about the kind of research they did. Look
for information about their research. Here are some questions that can help you get
What kind of research did they do?
Why did they do this research?
Who influenced them to do this research?
What kind of question were they trying to answer?
What did they discover?
Did they receive any help?
Were they criticized for their work?
Were they able to win a prize?
Future impact:
In this section, you want to talk about how the research that the scientist did has had an
impact on our world today. Here are some ideas to help get started
What kind of impact did this person have on the world?
What have people been able to do with their research?
Have some ideas changed from the time it was discovered?
What kind of similar research are people doing today?
In this section, you want to talk about how learning about this person changed your
What was interesting for you learning about this information?
Does it make you interested in getting into that field of study?
What did this person say that you liked?
Does this person impact your life in any way?