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Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete
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What is stained concrete?
Stained concrete is a concrete slab that's had some sort of
colour added to its surface.
It has many different categories.
Easy category has its own pros and cons.
A concrete stain can often be installed quickly and at a cost
similar to or lower than most other flooring options.
Benefits of Stained Concrete
Luxurious and wear-resistant surface for both indoor and outdoor
Achieve your desired look and feel.
Access to high-end equipment operated by highly-qualified professionals.
Fire Resistance
Energy Efficient
Low Maintenance
Types of stained concrete
Acid stains:
Inorganic metallic salts, hydrochloric acid, and water make acid stains. Stains absorb
into concrete surface to bond with calcium hydroxide. Acid staining marbles tans,
browns, blues, and greens.
Water based stains:
Nonreactive acrylic polymers and pigments make up water-based stains. These
stains fill concrete pores for translucent and opaque colors. Water-based solutions
are more constant because they don't require concrete reactions and are solvent- and
How to stain concrete?
1. Choose a Concrete Stain
Before you begin, choose a concrete stain. Two types of stains are available:
Acid-based and water-based concrete stains
2. Prepare the Concrete Surface
The most important step of how to stain a concrete floor is surface preparation.Begin
by removing all items from the floor and cleaning the area thoroughly. Repair cracks in
the concrete surface.
How to stain concrete?
3. Apply the Stain and Remove Residue
Apply the stain with an acid-resistant airless paint sprayer. In small areas and tight
corners, use a paint roller or handheld brush. As needed, divide tasks. Paint roller each
sprayer coat for a smooth finish.Water-based dyes are residue-free. Follow the
package recommendations for drying time.
4. Apply Finishing Sealer
Sealants prevent stained concrete. Apply first. Clear sealant improves color depth and
repels dirt, water, and damage. Choose a concrete sealer with enough shine and
durability. After 24 hours, apply the sealer as indicated. Sealer drying time varies by
environment. It'll harden after two days.
How to stain concrete?
5. Concrete Staining Tips
Concrete staining can put fresh life into a basement floor or outdoor concrete. Surface
preparation is a key step in deciding how to stain concrete. Take your time cleaning the
old concrete before staining it, then work carefully when applying stain to the concrete
floor. When you're ready to start staining cement and concrete.
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