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Goal setting steps
1. Review your organization mission
If your goals don't flow from your mission something is wrong. Understanding the purpose of your
JROTC unit is a must in developing goals that promote it.
2. Determine what resources are available
Does the budget allow the expenses involved? Does the unit have the equipment, transportation, or
facilities available to achieve the goal? Are enough cadets available to accomplish it?
3. Create the goals and set the time frame. The more specific the goal the better. A goal of sponsor
a litter pickup event on a local beach in October Is a better than support a clean environment
4. Make sure everyone who needs to know gets a copy of the goals. This reminds everyone of what
you're trying to accomplish. All cadets in the unit should know the goals.
5. Review your progress regularly. If the unit isn’t making progress toward meeting the goal, the
team should explore why not. If it becomes clear that the goal can't be Meg or needs to be
changed, the team should change them
Management by objectives
In order to address the problems with traditional goal setting many businesses or organizations
have adopted a process called management by objectives. This process is in which the manager
and subordinate order to achieve the organization’s goals.
In MBO, the manager and subordinate establish specific objectives that can be measured.
In a JROTC unit, for example, using this approach would involve higher-ranking cadets working
with lower-ranking cadets to establish individual objectives for a community service project.
Cadets who have participated in establishing the objectives may have a stronger commitment to
fulfilling them.