WHO: Cowboy Battalion WHAT: Military Ball


WHO: Cowboy Battalion

WHAT: Military Ball

WHEN: 15 November 2013

WHERE: Union Ball Room, Laramie, WY

SUMMARY: The frost did nothing to chill the spirit of the Cadets of both the Army and Air-force ROTC on the evening of Friday,

15 November. After a good amount of socializing, the Cadets began to move through the receiving line and shake the hands of very honorable gentlemen and ladies. The anxiety was nigh palpable among many of the younger Cadets, at being able to meet and greet these prestigious figures. Following the conclusion of the receiving line, the colors were brought forward and the evening commenced. A table was set for the Prisoners of War and those Killed in Action in recognition of their service and sacrifice which rendered them unable to attend. The somber event was off-set by the wonderful food and company provided.

Many Cadets were joined by high ranking Army and Air-force officers sitting at their table, providing the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experience of those attending.

Following the conclusion of the meal, Albany county sheriff

David O'Malley gave a candid and relevant speech pertaining to the ideals of commitment and honesty. He also drew parallels between both the Armed Forces and police force, while keeping the mood light and imparting wisdom upon all those attending.

With the retirement of the colors and the departure of the head table, attendees were left to revel in the evening and partake in dancing. Everyone who attended left with valuable memories and garnered some important knowledge for the days to come.