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ROAN, Mari Kristin S.
BSN 3 – 7
OCTOBER 6, 2022
Answer for question No. 1:
As a trader and an aspiring entrepreneur, myself, one thing that I have learned to
stay in the field is to be consistent. To be a successful entrepreneur, good habits must be
formed for this will serve as a foundation to thrive. No matter how hard things could be, an
entrepreneur must be a creative leader who is determined to learn, passionate, goaloriented, risk-taker, full of motivation, and willing to accept failure.
In the business world, entrepreneurs who win are not those who are playing safe,
but the ones who are willing to start and turn their visions into reality. Entrepreneurship is
not solely about ‘profit’, but about building connections and systems to create profit.
Therefore, start with building entrepreneurial habits for it is the compound interest of selfimprovement.
Answer for question No. 2:
Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in Economic Development. It is true that
the world is a marketplace. Entrepreneurship has the capacity to increase economic growth
through: (1) Opening Employment and Job Opportunities, (2) Building New Markets to
Lessen Costs, (3) Promoting Innovation, Global Export-Trade, and Technological
Advancements, (4) Producing Regional Development Contributions, and (5) Enhancing
Existing Enterprises along with research. Overall, entrepreneurship is an essential tool for
the betterment of the world.
Answer for question No. 3:
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Over the years, nurse entrepreneurs have
been relatively known in the field. As a nursing student and an aspiring businesswoman, I
strongly believe and claim that I can be both. I will be fearless in the pursuit of what sets
my soul on fire. While in clinical practice, I intend to create a name using the businesses
that I own and be a successful entrepreneur. Furthermore, building a business that aims to
help the Philippine healthcare delivery system is a goal. As the business grew, contributions
in the nursing practice will also arise.