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Network Design Project Information

Network Design Project
You have been given the assignment to design a network for XYZ, a small business.
XYZ has 320 employees. There will be 6 servers, 17 network printers and every
employee will have his/her own workstation. There will be a need for internet access.
There will be a need for 3 separate VLANs supporting up to 275 users each.
XYZ is housed in a square building that is 300m x 200m. Please review the Network
Design Project Building Layout.doc document for a description of the physical layout of
the building. Each corner of the building will need network access. XYZ is growing. It
will need the ability to grow in number of workstations on the network and handle remote
locations in the future. Insure that scalability, adaptability and manageability are properly
incorporated in the design.
Design a complete “network” for this company. Include the following:
Physical and logical topology, IP addressing scheme (IP address, Subnet Mask,
Default Gateway, DCHP properties, etc), Workstation and Server Operating
Systems, Hardware (workstations, servers, hubs, switches, routers, access points,
etc. - include manufacturer, item, specifications, price, etc.), Infrastructure
cabling/Wireless solutions, Network Protocols (routed and routing), Internet
Access solutions, Email software and protocols, and Network Security solutions.
Include any other item that would be relevant to the “network design” for the
company. Do not leave out items that are “necessary” for this network.
Begin (and include in this project) by doing the following:
1. Plan your preliminary investigation for the network design.
2. Create a data gathering strategy.
3. Create a data analysis strategy.
*** This project is subject to change at any time…
*** This project must be submitted via the assignment link on blackboard by 12:00 pm
on Tuesday, December 4, 2012…