Value Proposition Template

<Insert your resume header here – use same format for consistency>
The following are the ways in which I know I can add value to ________(insert company name here)
based on the job requirements for ________(specific position within firm)
Job requirements for xyz position
My qualifications
Client relationships
Project Management
Process Improvement
Team Management
Global Perspective
Led a team of 30 analysts in India (SAR stmt)
Serve as board member for xyz company
Served as Vice President of the GW Consulting
Club for 2 years
Coach basketball team of 30 high school
Developed marketing strategy for 4 Fortune
500 companies
Served as client relationship manager for 20
multinational clients
Led 6 client teams, comprised of 30
professionals, over 2 years, to develop client
Managed complex client project in Brussels for
1 year
Oversaw all details of project from inception to
completion and continuous improvement
Assessed thousands of processes for xyz bank
and recommended hundreds of best practice
Revised hundreds of processes for 30 retail
bank branches across Brussels
Led a team of 10 consultants for 2 years for a
large supply chain project
Managed a soccer team of 20 middle school
students for 3 years
Lived and worked in Malaysia, Egypt and
Morocco for 3 consulting projects over 4 years
Speak fluent Arabic and currently studying
Russian language
Travelled to over 20 countries regularly for
SAMPLE Value Proposition