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Megalograptus is a genus of eurypterid, an extinct group of aquatic arthropods, containing 5
species, all based on fossil fabric observed inside the United States: M. Alveolatus, M. Ohioensis
(pictured), M. Shideleri, M. Welchi and M. Williamsae. They have been predators, with the most
important and great-known species, M. Ohioensis, growing to seventy eight centimeters (2 feet 7
in). The most distinctive features of Megalograptus have been its huge and spined forwarddealing with appendages, and its sharp spike-shaped telson (the closing department of the body).
Attached underneath the non-venomous telson had been a couple of rounded blade-shaped lobes
which made it able to grasping. Researchers were in a position to infer the coloration that
specimens would possibly have possessed in lifestyles, believed to be brown and black, with M.
Ohioensis being darker than the others. Megalograptus lived in near-shore marine environments,
in which it used its massive appendages to capture prey. The predator may additionally were
cannibalistic at times, like many modern-day chelicerates.