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Sub Plan

Sub Plan
8/24 & 8/25
( Class is in Back part of Cafeteria)
***Equipment can be found in boys locker room office in a cart***
1. Change in to PE clothes assist staff & transition to Cafeteria
2. Warm-up’s
A. Arm circles
B. Arm crosses
C. Twists
D. Roller coaster/hand above head stretch
E. Toe touches
F. Raise the roofs
G. Wall pushes
3, Triangle Tag
Have three students hold hands (making a triangle almost) Pick another studnet to be “it” on
the outside of the triangle. Pick a student in the triangle to be tagged by the student outside of
it. The students in the triangle must move around without breaking the triangle to protect the
student from being tagged. Once that student is tagged sub in new students to be in the
triangle and new students to be “it”.
4. Pendulum Jump Rope
You and one other staff will swing the large rope 1 and ½ times and then swing it back the other
way 1 and a half times. The students will have to time the rope and run through without being
hit by it. Typically the cue to give the students when to run is when the rope is on the same side
of them ready to swing the other way.
5. Soccer Goal kicks (soccer goals are in cafeteria)
To finish class have students take turns kicking the ball into the soccer goal. Place a poly spot
about 5-10 feet in front of the goal for students to start at to kick the ball.
1.Change in to PE clothes assist staff & transition to Cafeteria
2. Bicycles.
Have staff and students wait just outside the aerobics room where the picnic table is. Please
make sure Students have a Helmet on at all times when riding the bikes. Also, assist them in
strapping them securely into the bikes. Please keep a hand at all times on the bikes. Some of
our students can go really fast on them and that can result in an accident. So keeping a hand
on the bike will help in preventing accidents.