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Based on the discussions in this lesson, read the story and answer the questions that follow.
The old shoemaker was tired. He wanted to die and be with the Lord. Or at least, he would like the Lord to visit him. One
day he thought he heard a voice in his prayer. The voice said, “Tomorrow I will come to your shop.” Overjoyed, the cobbler
went to work, fully expecting to see the Lord. But as the day went on, nothing out of the ordinary happened. An older
woman came in complaining about some boys who were stealing her apples. Since he knew the boys, the cobbler called
them in and talked with them. The boys said they would stop. The older adult was pleased. Then a fellow down on his luck
came in. He needed a meal. The cobbler told him about the Mission in the city. But the fellow was not acquainted with
the town. So, the cobbler walked him there. Hurrying back, the cobbler waited for the Lord. Late in the day, a girl came in.
He knew her. She said her father was sick and needed help. The cobbler again left his work and went with the girl to get a
doctor for her father. Late in the day, the cobbler returned to his shop. He closed it down, sad. The Lord had not come.
He went to his room for his hour of prayer. “Lord,” he prayed, “I’m sorry I was out of the shop so much today, so busy. I
hope you did not come when I was away.” Then he heard a voice: “I came to you in each person you helped. You did enjoy
my presence. I am very pleased with you.”
1. What significant message were you able to draw from the story? (5 points)
o The significant message I can take away from the story is that, “wherever love appears, God appears.” It
simply means that God is love and love is God. The act of kindness we do everyday doesn’t only come
from our deliberate decision to be good, but also because God is there. I realize that throughout our life,
we have the choice whether to experience God’s love or not. Because the more we fill ourselves with
bitterness and hatred, the more we deny God’s love to fill our heart.
2. Based on the story, what makes Christian service truly Christian? (5 points)
o Compassion. Though it is also important to note his unconditional service, faith, and patience that makes
a christian service truly Christian. Being compassionate is one of the true missions of a Christian. That is
helping other people without side intentions, doing charity work unconditionally, and being good to
others without expecting rewards or reciprocation. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to serve people
with such camaraderie and would’ve just watched them suffer or just ignore them. But with true Christian
service, there’s a huge deal of not just recognizing other people’s sentiment and not just sympathizing
with them, but doing an actual duty to help them out from such misfortune. Also, in the process of
Christian service, Despite God not sending any affirmation that He will show up, the shoemaker kept his
heads and hopes up. That is a good gesture of faith. And he waited until the day ends, and he never
complains until God finally reached out to him. From this, we can say.
3. In the discussion in this Unit, Jesus is described as the sacrament of God. Also, in the related story above, the
shoemaker acted as a sacrament of Jesus. Without being overly sentimental, in what concrete and realistic way
can you be a sacrament for others? (10 points)
I think the realistic way I can be a sacrament to others is by attaining the ‘good life with compassion.’ To
understand this, let me dissect and break this down into two. First, good life. To attain a good life means to be a
good person. Study well, follow the commands and request of my parents, to eat well and preserve my health, to
master intellectual and moral virtue, to harness my talents, and generally, be happy. But when we say ‘good life
with compassion’, that means that being happy but understanding that happiness is not just you who smiles but
knowing that everyone around you is smiling with you. To have a good life with compassion means studying well
to help share your knowledge to other people, follow the commands of your parents to develop good values which
you can use to give off positive vibes to your friends and to other people, to share your blessing to others, and
many more.
Good life with compassion means sharing the words of God to street people, to people in remote areas,
and many more. to help send off good, motivation, and inspirational vibes to people who are sad and hopeless.
To give love and kindness unconditionally and with wholeheartedly. And to let them know that God is always with
them. These methods can be done just by starting up a bible study in a daily or weekly basis, and have a prayer
meeting. With this, I can assure that I am mimicking the ways of becoming a sacrament to others.