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September 15, 2022
Project Title: ACN Business Opportunity
Project Objectives
1. The first objective of this project is to provide convenient digital payment services
to clients.
2. The second objective of this project is to obtain and expand existing markets by
connecting or partnering with other companies who could incorporate digital
payment services in their business.
3. The third objective of this project is to provide a safe and secure digital system to
4. The fourth objective of this client is to make the people’s lives easier and more
convenient by doing continuous innovations.
5. The fifth objective of this project is to make advancements in technology so as to
keep up with the trend and discover new ways of making life better.
6. The sixth objective of this project is to help businesses and contribute to their
success through incorporating digital payment systems in their operations.
Project’s Target Customers
1. People That Are Aged 20 to 60 Years of Age
The first target customers are people who are aged 20 to 60 years old. This is
because the said age range is usually when people or individuals engage with
financial liabilities, savings, and the like which means that they are the ones likely
to use digital payment systems. They are the ones who need an alternative
payment method other than being physically present to pay in the establishment.
With this, they are the ones that the project aims to cater to in order to make their
lives and financial transactions easier and better through the online and digital
payment services that this project covers or provides.
2. Businesses
The second target customers are businesses. This project is applicable to almost
all businesses because there is always exchange between the goods and
services as well as money. As such, since the financial aspect will always be
present and existent, then this project can play a huge role in the payment of
transactions between businesses, clients, and employees, suppliers, and other
stakeholders. This project aims to partner with other banks in order to incorporate
digital payment modes and services in their systems of operations and business
transactions. This also paves the way for businesses to provide convenience to
their customers.
3. Workers
The third target customers are workers. This is because these workers also
engage in financial transactions or matters in which this project caters to. This
helps them save time as they do not anymore need to spend time traveling to
pay for their liabilities and financial obligations as they can already finish it in just
one click through the digital payment services that this project provides. As such,
this project targets this population as they need convenience in terms of settling
financial transactions to also have a life and time outside work.
Project Description
ACN was founded in 1993. It began as a reseller of long distance services in the
United States and they ranked 22nd in the list of fast growing companies in North
America within just a span of their first five years.
ACN offers many business services and one of which is the online digital
payment services which provides clients or people with convenience and access to
transactions that can be done online. The project consists of partnering with different
companies in order to gain a pool of markets and expand connections which in return
also results in gaining more clients who would use the said service.
Project’s Value Proposition (Advantages)
1. Partnered with different banks
The first advantage of this project is that ACN benefits clients because it is
partnered with different banks which can be easily accessed by clients when they
transact online. This is an important value proposition especially nowadays
wherein technology dominates the whole world which has deeply influenced our
operations and activities. With this, it makes it easier and convenient for clients to
perform or make transactions as the platform has partnered with many banks
2. Available modes of payments
The second advantage of this project is that ACN also benefits clients as they
can have access to many transactional services even without the need to be
physically present in the bank. This includes the features and services of cash in,
bank transfers, bill payments, and many more. This makes it easier for clients to
have a digital money, transfer money to banks, pay their bills online, and many
more. As such, this feature is very important because it saves a lot of time for
clients as they can easily transact and settle payment via online through the
different services that ACN currently offers and has yet to offer.
3. High technology
The third advantage of this project is that ACN has very high technology. They
are very updated in terms of the trends related to technology. As such, clients
can enjoy such benefits as it is also user-friendly, giving clients easier time to
navigate through the company’s offered services and perform the services.
4. Secured service such as id fingerprints and face ID
The fourth advantage of this project is that ACN ensures that all their products
and services have high security. This gives clients the benefit of relief that all the
data that they will store and provide are safe and stored well. Moreover, clients
can also be ensured that their data will be protected and encrypted as the
company has high measures of security in its softwares and systems.
Furthermore, this is very important as ACN made the features id fingerprints and
face id available to consumers to give them easier time and convenience. As
such, the assurance that the company has high security is vital.
Project Needs
● Laptop/Mobile Devices/Gadgets
The first need for this project is a laptop or mobile devices or any gadgets
that can download the application for the digital payment system. These are
needed in order to perform the needed operations for this project. These are also
needed in order to be able to use the application system available for use and to
test if certain updates or development really works.
● Monetary Budget
The second need for this project is the monetary budget including
marketing and operational expenses needed to get this project started.
● Concrete Plan
The third need for this project is a concrete plan stating the specifics of
what should be done first and the next steps that must be employed as part of
the management of this project. This helps as it can aid us towards achieving the
objectives and towards a successful execution.
Project’s Expected Outcome
1. The first expected outcome of the project is to gain expansion in its target
market. This means gaining new markets not just in terms of businesses but also
clients who are workers and are specifically with ages of 20 to 65 years old.
2. The second expected outcome from this project is improved sales from partnered
businesses who have chosen to invest and incorporate digital payment systems
in their business.
3. The third expected outcome is to further increase the number of users of digital
payment services as an indicator that many people have now shifted from the
traditional mode of payment to the online mode of payment that the project
4. The fourth expected outcome is to increase brand awareness by promoting the
value that the project aims to provide to people not just in terms of the monetary
side but also the intangible goods such as safety, convenience, and the like.
5. The last expected outcome is to continue innovating and adding available digital
payment services which clients can have access with in the near future.