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The Barcode & the Infinity symbol ∞

The Barcode & the In nity symbol ∞
We all see barcodes on products such as the food we buy, books,
movies, and basically every modern consumer good. If we measure
them with a pendulum calibrated to our personal wavelength, we
should nd that it turns counterclockwise. This shape emits vertical
negative green. What can we do? We can correct it by drawing with a
marker the in nity symbol ∞ on it.
A woman asked me to measure a cream she was using for her hands,
believing it was very bene cial. The pendulum turned counterclockwise
when I calibrated to her personal wavelength and again with mine. I
was sceptical because the ingredients were pure, and she had been
using it for years. I looked at it carefully, and I found a tiny barcode.
Once I corrected it, the pendulum turned clockwise.
Of all the books in
my library, there is
only one book with
a barcode that is
perfect! The
BioSignatures book
emits BG3 like
nothing else. You
can imagine why.
So, this one book
doesn't need
correction on its
barcode :)
In my opinion, this shape is a robust antenna using the principles of
ancient mathematics as seen by physical radiesthesia because it
utilises 2 times the number 7. Thus, it creates a carrying wave of
negative green for transmitting the information to promote our animal
origin solely (666), which has to die eventually [9]. The in nite loop
corrects it by adding the knowledge of our eternal Spirit, whose soul is
perfected with a series of incarnations in various worlds, dimensions
and timelines [8].
The radionic e ects of the barcodes are activated by MOVING LIGHT.
Laser scanning of the barcode will activate its bioenergetic toxicity. A
simple ashlight will do the same thing to a lesser degree. The sun
going up and down through the window will also start the barcodes on
products in your kitchen. Fluorescent lights, which actually ash at 120
times per second, activate them quite strongly. Simply moving the
barcode through space, back and forth, perpendicular to the direction
of the lines, also energises it. The toxic radionic e ects of the barcodes
embed in and energise the Light Ether. It is possible to stop 98% of the
NEW activations by placing black tape over the barcode. However,
simply removing the barcode from the product packaging or placing
black tape over it does not eliminate the etherically embedded radionic
toxicity. Because the radionic toxicity exists in the Light Ether, it
penetrates the packaging and embeds it in the product inside. This is
true of FOODS, VITAMINS, and everything else. Most of us have been
EATING radionic barcode toxicity as a part of our steady diet for years.
Even products that don't have barcodes can be a ected if shipped to
you by UPS or any other shipper that uses barcodes for tracking
purposes. As I said before, the implications are staggering. Everyone is
a ected to one degree or another.
I recommend to arm yourself with a thick marker pen and correct
everything in your kitchen, library, bathroom, clothes, everywhere in
your house. Because each barcode alone doesn't do great harm, their
totality in a home works synergistically and continuously against the
When you draw the in nity sign, start from the centre and go clockwise.
Start drawing from the centre to the upper part of the right loop, then
downward, you close the loop when you meet the centre for the second
time and then go at the upper part of the left loop, continue below and
nally arrive at the centre for 3rd time. By paying attention to the
directionality of the drawing, you ensure that energy ow is bene cial.
If you try to remove the barcode from a product instead of correcting it,
you have to cleanse your energy eld at once from the energetic imprint
you contacted with your hands.
The corrections work so far. Of course, after a time, the marker's ink will
get impregnated with vertical negative green, and a refreshing may be
needed. I think that properly made laminated stickers would be the best
solution. By properly made, I mean the procedure I described in a
previous post :
Another method of correcting a Barcode
Simply draw a line with a pen, about 1 mm above the barcode; see
image. You can check both images with the BG16 pendulum.
energy elds of the residents, especially during sleep. If you are
sensitive to subtle energies, correct up to 5 barcodes per day, no more.
The Golden Barcode
You can create a bene cial barcode that will transmute detrimental
energy into bene cial. I call it the Golden Barcode.
You can use it for power cords; for example, it will transmute
detrimental energy coming up the power line into bene cial energy. This
is particularly important when these appliances have parts that you
touch with your hands or close to you, like computer screens,
keyboards, mice, and telephones (mobile or DECT).
Placing a Golden Barcode on each cord is more e ective than on the
power board cord itself when using a power board. You can use it also
on your mouse cord, keyboard cable, speakers cable, telephone wire,
network cable etc.
You can also stick it on or inside your mobile phone, stick it on the back
of your quartz watch using a smaller pattern of 16 lines. Stick it under
the steering wheel column of your car, as well as under the dashboard
on the passenger side of your vehicle, to protect from all the
electromagnetic elds generated by the car’s ignition and computer
system. Or purchase the BioGeometry car plate, which has been tested
in Tesla cars successfully.
How to make the Golden Barcode
Use your computer to draw 16 lines and print the image on labels to
stick them where you need them.
How to use the Golden Barcode
For balancing electrical wiring, cut a section of the pattern, wrap it on a
power cord, matching the pattern precisely as it wraps around to form
16 rings around the cord.
To balance an object, stick one of the 16 lines stickers on an object and
place it on appliances, computers, and modems. Someone in New
Zealand is using these Golden Barcodes for their beehives and getting
excellent results, so there is no limit to how you can use them.
Remember to check with your pendulum tuned on your personal
wavelength to verify that you have placed the Golden Barcode in the
best location.
A little known radionic research about barcodes from the ‘90s:
Dr. Robert Gilbert explains how to nd your personal wavelength:
There are many amazing things to discover if you attend the Advanced
BioGeometry training.
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