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II. The data “6721233906393” was read after scanned a stained bar code as below, is
that data right? Please answer the question with
the detailed verification process. (10 points)
Answer to question IV
The data “6721233906393” is wrong code.
The right code is=6921233906393.
Here is the proved and scanned result.
Detailes about barcode verification process:
The process of grading barcodes is known as barcode verification. Barcode verifiers
are high-precision devices that make the verification process possible. Industry
standards produced by international organizations like ANSI/ISO and industry
associations like GS1 and HIBCC are used by barcode verifiers to grade 1-D and 2D barcodes according to quality characteristics defined by industry standards. These
standards enable barcode printing and scanning devices to communicate with one
another, allowing businesses and individuals to rely on symbols being printed and