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Study Guide Unit 1 Test

Study Guide Unit 1 Test : This is not everything that will be on the test, make sure you
look at the slides posted online and the read the learning objectives
1. Draw a Water Molecule and explain what makes water electronegative
2. Describe the difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic
3. What is a monomer and a polymer? Write down all of the polymers and
monomers discussed in class.
4. What kind of bond binds amino acids? What kind of bond binds carbohydrates?
5. Carbohydrates: What elements are included in carbohydrates. What is the 1:2:1
rule? What are isomers?
6. Name the different groups of the periodic table.
7. What makes these molecules similar?
8. Why is butter a solid at room temperature and why is olive oil a liquid at room
9. What are Valence Electrons? What do I find protons, neutrons, and electrons?
10. What are the nucleotides in DNA?
11. What are the steps of the scientific method?